Spotify Wrapped is an annual December tradition for many music lovers, and it’s also an effective marketing campaign that continues to grow in impact every year. For those still using Apple Music and Pandora, Spotify Wrapped is a feature that allows users to see their most played songs and artists of the year and other data on their music habits. It is a fun way for users to reminisce about their year in music. It encourages them to share their results with friends on social media, essentially spreading the word about Spotify, which results in free advertising and brand growth. 

One of the key strengths of Spotify Wrapped is its ability to tap into user engagement and word-of-mouth to spread the brand rather than paid advertising. Spotify connects with its users personally rather than just trying to sell them something. We all listen to music, but for most, it’s a personal experience; we listen to music when we work out, commute to work, traveling, etc. And most of the time, it’s happening through headphones. Spotify utilizes user data, traditionally used for internal business decisions, to foster a sense of community and connection among its users.

Another aspect of Spotify Wrapped that strengthens its effectiveness as a marketing tactic is the timing. The feature is released at the end of the year when people are in a reflective mood and looking back on the past 12 months. 

At K2, we deliver that same recipe of creative thinking and strategic building that can elevate a client’s brand and impact. We develop marketing strategies that cover all facets of an effective campaign from start to finish, and we have fun while we do it.   

With Spotify Wrapped as your inspiration, there are things that nonprofits can do to create effective marketing campaigns based on members’ or donors’ interface with the nonprofit, such as creating a shareable summary of the impact that donors have made over the past year. This could include stats on those helped thanks to donations, resources distributed, and other relevant information. Nonprofits can also build a stronger sense of community by encouraging supporters to share their stories about their experiences with the non-profit through their social media and tag the non-profit in their posts. By making donors feel valued and appreciated, nonprofits can help to build loyalty and encourage repeat donations and support.

In our work with nonprofits, trade associations, and advocacy organizations, the K2 team creates personalized, engaging campaigns for members, supporters, or donors that highlight their efforts’ impact and make them feel valued and connected to the group’s mission.

Now that we’ve gone through the serious stuff, let’s see what K2’s Spotify Wrapped looks like:

  • Matt’s top artist was Luke Combs, while Justin’s was Hans Zimmer, a classical composer (very different tastes here).
  • One of Mia’s top songs was “Just Can’t Get Enough” by the Black Eyed Peas (a real throwback), while my top song was Sleeve by Nate Smith.
  • Grace listened to more music than 95% of other Spotify listeners while Kirsten was in the top 2% of Chris Stapleton listeners.
  • And we’re still trying to get Kristen to download Spotify…