Are you gearing up for 2024? Are you in charge of running a political campaign?

If so, you might be asking yourself: where on earth do I find experienced political communications staffers? It feels like finding individuals with the right combination of skills and experience is becoming harder and harder. Multiple times a week I see an opening for a House Communications Director or Senate Press Secretary. There’s offices in Washington, D.C. constantly looking for talent, but it’s obviously difficult to come by.

The problem is fairly simple. More and more young professionals are fearful of taking a job working for the government and accepting a low-paying salary, especially in a city like DC where the cost of living has only skyrocketed in recent years. This leads to an exodus of professionals with the appropriate resumes. This problem is compounded in an election year, when campaigns need experienced communications staffers to pull from DC to lend their specific expertise.

Fortunately, K2 has a team of political communications professionals with decades of campaign and PAC management experience across the country and we can help you achieve your communications goals from anywhere in the country.

Our Work and Services

We are currently supporting several senate races, congressional races, state parties, and super PACs across the country who are gearing up for the 2024 cycle. We also provide media training to candidates and political organizations who are interested in learning how to manage interview requests, improve message delivery, and maximize media exposure. Additionally, we also provide in-house communications training to help professionals without communications backgrounds understand how to operate and run a political communications shop from the beginning of a campaign launch all the way through election day.

Let K2 Help You

If you’re looking for communications support during this upcoming campaign cycle and having a difficult time finding an experienced communications professional who can move to your state or district for a few months, visit us at to learn more about the services we have to offer.