We started K2 seven years ago, very quickly getting a scrappy MBA as a two-woman shop. We knew there was a market for our communications, fundraising, and advocacy services but we didn’t know just how big the market was.

Seven years later, our team has grown to provide better services for our clients and we’ve added complimentary services we found our clients needed and we could deliver.

We’ve restructured our communications shop into different departments servicing public affairs efforts, associations, corporations, nonprofits, and political clients. Our comms team is coast to coast from Philadelphia to Texas working on clients in many states in between including our work for Nikki Haley this past year. We were proud to be on her team.

Brenna came over from the nonprofit world to manage our busy events department and rental decor inventory and she’s off to a fast start with multiple conferences and galas booked for 2024! We will be announcing a new showroom in the coming weeks where our growing gala decor inventory will be displayed. We now have an association management department where we’ve brought in national and local associations we now manage from a back office, nuts and bolts perspective. It’s a great way to help good causes with our attention to detail skills.

In year eight, we are committed to helping our team perfect their entrepreneurship plans to grow themselves this year and continuing to perfect our internal processes so we can elevate services to our clients.

This boutique Twin Cities-based (but spread throughout the country) women-owned business is way more work and more fun than we could have ever imagined. We are proud of our team, one has to be built differently to work at K2. The women and men on our team show up every day to deliver purpose-driven work for our clients – it’s hard but rewarding – it isn’t glamorous, but it’s necessary and we’re grateful to be in the arena fighting alongside our clients.

“A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.” Eleanor Roosevelt.

We make a strong cup of tea at K2 and we’re grateful for the clients who entrust this boutique women-owned company with your business. It’s our honor to be on your team.

-Kristen Sheehan, K2 Partner