Social media platforms are an essential part of our lives, especially us marketers. They connect people from all walks of life, across essentially all boundaries of geography and cultures. From the trends on Twitter to captivating videos on Tik Tok, to the daily grind posts on LinkedIn, each social media platform has its own unique ecosystem, attracting different audiences with their specific interests and behaviors. Whether you’re a social media enthusiast, a marketer, or just here to learn something, come along as we unravel the unique user demographics across the different social media platforms.


Twitter caters to a more news-savvy audience, including journalists, celebrities, and individuals interested in real-time updates and discussions on various topics.

  • 330 million monthly active users
  • Popular among the younger generation
  • Users are more politically engaged and have higher education levels
  • More popular among men

Tik Tok

TikTok’s user makeup predominantly comprises Gen Z and younger millennials, drawn to its short-form, entertaining videos, and trends that fuel creativity and self-expression.

  • 1 billion active users
  • Most popular with young generations (62% of users ages 10-29)
  • Users are more diverse and come from a variety of backgrounds


Facebook, with its extensive user base, appeals to a broad demographic, from young adults to older generations, making it a platform for connecting with friends, family, and colleagues.

  • 2.8 billion active users
  • Everyone and their mother is on it
  • 62% of online adults aged 65+; 72% ages 50-64; 79% ages 30-49; 84% ages 18-29


Instagram remains immensely popular among younger users and creatives, boasting a visual-centric space for sharing lifestyle, art, and travel content

  • 1 billion monthly active users
  • Most popular among young generations
  • 71% of users are under the age of 35; 63% of users are women


LinkedIn is a professional networking hub and predominantly attracts working professionals, job seekers, and recruiters seeking career opportunities and industry insights.

  • 170 million users in the US (740 million worldwide)
  • 46% of online adults ages 25-34; 33% ages 35-54
  • Higher levels of education and income than other platforms
  • Professionals, job seekers

The wide array of user demographics across these platforms showcases the diverse ways people connect, share, and engage in the ever-evolving social media landscape. If you want us to create a social media plan for you to engage your target audience, contact K2 today!

-Allison Housley