We want your success to be in the headlines, and in order to do that, K2 conducts extensive research and outreach to media outlets no matter the topic or location. As I pitch interview requests, op-eds, and seek responses from reporters, I’ve quickly learned that it’s not just about sending an email and crossing your fingers. It’s about crafting a strategic approach and following through and through again, even when faced with rejection or silence.

Standing Out in the Crowd: Imagine a bustling newsroom filled with reporters sifting through a mountain of emails, each trying to get their attention. To break through the noise, I’ve learned that you have to reach out and then follow up, and then follow up again.

Nurturing Relationships: Building rapport with reporters requires time and patience. By consistently engaging with journalists in a genuine and respectful manner, I’ve been able to foster meaningful connections that have led to collaborations and opportunities.

Timing is Everything: In media relations, timing is everything. Sometimes, your pitch may not align with a reporter’s current editorial agenda. However, by circling back at a later date with a fresh angle or updated information, you can seize the opportunity when the timing is right. Persistence allows you to stay adaptable and responsive to shifting priorities.

The Rule of Three: Over time, I’ve observed a pattern emerge – the rule of three. You know what they say, The third time’s the charm! It seems that the third outreach attempt often yields the best results. Whether it’s a friendly follow-up email, a brief phone call, or a personalized social media message, the third touchpoint serves as a gentle reminder of your story’s value without coming across as overly persistent.

Stepping into the crazy world that is media relations has taught me that persistence is not just a virtue – it’s a necessity. By combining strategic thinking with unwavering determination, I’ve been able to secure valuable coverage for my clients and get op-eds placed. As it’s long been said: Success often comes to those who are willing to push past obstacles and be persistent in pursuit of their goals.

K2 & Company’s Public Relations services help navigate the media cycle, execute media pitching, and secure coverage for your story in local, state, and national media. Contact us today and let’s get your name out there!

-Allison Housley