Although you can’t plan for perfection, you can plan for success. While it’s only 2023, our team is gearing up for 2024 to help our candidates get across the finish line.

Steering a campaign towards success is a difficult endeavor even if your candidate is favored to win. The best way to mitigate that difficulty is to engage skilled and qualified political operators to help guide you through the political quagmire.

At K2, our goal is to help campaigns navigate this difficult process. Our staff has the experience and qualifications to help you win. Whether it’s maintaining success throughout the campaign, identifying the issues setting you back, or helping you craft the perfect post for social media, K2 is there for you.

Success can be measured in different ways. While many prefer to stay the course rather than take a risk and opt for change, oftentimes change is exactly what’s needed to take a stale campaign and turn it into a juggernaut.

It’s not every week that you can land twenty interviews for a candidate, but sometimes, two or three interviews and an opinion piece in the local newspaper can have a greater impact than you ever envisioned.

More often than not, candidates like to go on the same radio or television program time and again because they become comfortable with the hosts and the shows. Easy questions with easy answers being broadcasted to the exact audience that is already voting for that candidate. While you can clip a good sound bite from the interview, the interview is typically not challenging the candidates or pushing them to think about new topics or ideas.

Instead, measure success on the campaign trail by how many new voters you’re reaching through interviews and earned media. Place an emphasis on reaching new audiences, and reaching new voters in innovative ways. There is always time to take a struggling campaign and turn it onto the path of success, all it requires is a little creativity and the skill to navigate the current political climate.

-Brittany Yanick