I’m a recent graduate from the University of Iowa’s journalism and mass communications program, and now I’m a communications specialist for K2 & Co! This is my first job out of college and I’m very excited to see what having a job in the real world is like.

I’m a former journalist that has experience in crime coverage, breaking news, politics, and human interest stories, along with doing my former paper’s social media and podcast. After a few years I realized that reporting isn’t for me and have taken my life in a new direction.

But when I’m not on my computer, I like photographing city life, nature, and events as a hobby. I’ve met new people and made friends with people in my local community that I never would’ve met otherwise, and it’s a great way to gain a new appreciation for one’s community.

I’m really excited to join K2 and see what’s to come!

-Meg Doster