My name is Isaac Moolenaar and I am so excited to start working with the K2 team as a Communications Specialist. Surrounded by politics throughout my entire life I never thought it was a world I wanted to be more involved in, however that has shifted dramatically throughout my college years.

Before joining the K2 team, I worked many diverse jobs and continue to do so. During my sophomore year of college, I completed an internship with Granger Waste Services as their first Government/Community relations intern. While working there, I was able to complete marketing and advertising research and proposals, as well as attend career fairs and fundraisers to reach potential employees and clients. From there I started working at Jackson National Life Insurance as a Strategic Support Associate, which later led me into a technical communications internship with the company. This past summer, I interned for a U.S. Representative in Washington, DC where my passion for politics increased immensely. During this time, I attended committee hearings, completed constituent calls, led capitol tours, and drafted several newsletters and press clips.

After one year of playing basketball for the team at Calvin University, I transferred to Michigan State University where I study Public Relations in my senior year currently. In my free time, I mow lawns for a local company and work at a bagel deli on the weekends. Although it doesn’t sound appetizing, the smell of a fresh cut lawn and a freshly cooked bagel can draw you in.

When I am not working or studying, I enjoy playing pick-up basketball, attending university sports games, and hanging out with my friends and family in the area. I also will never turn down binge watching a tv show or movie series!

Again, I am eager to join the K2 family and continue to learn and grow from such respected professionals in this field!

-Isaac Moolenaar