New year, new us! At K2 and Company, our dynamic team of professionals is setting great goals for 2024. Our team is not only dedicated to advancing our collective mission in public relations, public affairs, events, fundraising, and strategic communications but also committed to personal growth and fulfillment. With each person’s unique talents and aspirations, we’re on track to make this our best year yet! Here are our goals for this year:

Kristen: Work to be intentionally optimistic, especially in difficult situations and spend less time on social media outside of work hours.

Kirsten: Work with K2’s team leaders to grow their individual thought leadership plans.

Chelsea: Explore new places and travel more.

Justin: Bringing in more winning stories, strong messaging, and quality interviews for K2 clients.

Brittany: Help my candidates win and take care of myself.

Alex: Spend more time with my nieces and nephew and improve my golf swing so I can do better at the charity golf tournament My in-laws put on to raise money for cystic fibrosis. My dad, brother, and I are trying to play in it every year.

Brenna: Work on improving my proactive communication, and biking or walking at least three times per week.

Stacie: Make more time to enjoy the little things in life.

Allison: Create opportunities for my clients, increase engagement through organic social media, and spend more time outside.

Hallie: Smile more at strangers and bring back friendly neighborhood banter. Friendliness is coming back!

Jenna: Establish a productive work and school balance, and no more soda.

Gustavo: Improve my writing in content creation and be more intentional and consistent.

As being 2024, these resolutions serve as guiding lights, motivating us to excel in our endeavors and contribute meaningfully to the ever-evolving landscape of our respective fields. Together, we look forward to a year of growth, accomplishments, and shared success!