Now, that your campaign is launched and you are well underway. You might be asking, how do we keep the campaign momentum going through Election Day? That’s a great question you should be asking and something that K2 can help with.

Here’s how we like to envision it:

Step 1: Plan for Launch Day

Step 2: Plan for Launch Week

Step 3: Keep the momentum going

How do you do that?

There’s five big areas that go into running a successful campaign through Election Day and those include: communications, fundraising, political, data, and digital efforts.

Here at K2, we can help ensure your message is shared far and wide across your state or county. We want to ensure every voter hears what you have to say and understands why you are the best candidate to represent them. We will assist with day-to-day communications efforts that often include, but are not limited to, social media drafting and posting, press releases, drafting and placing op-eds in local and national newspapers, scheduling interviews, media preparation, and the typical blocking and tackling of reporters. We can also work with your political team to schedule press conferences or press events around important themes or messages you might want to deliver to voters, or to draw contrast from your opponent.

Working with your political team, we can determine what parts of the state or county you are campaigning in and ensure you are hitting the airwaves in those areas before and after your visits. We can call the local newspapers to ensure they received your latest press release announcing an upcoming event so there’s significant press coverage following the event. We can also work with your political team to identify signers for letters to the editor in local newspapers.

Working with your fundraising team, we can prepare fundraising emails to small donors so they are up-to-date on your campaign events and interviews happening throughout the week. We can also share fundraising updates on social media or announce fundraising numbers through press releases, and ensure your local papers are picking up the latest and greatest news.

These are just a few of the ways we can help you succeed and keep the momentum going through Election Day. As Anika pointed out in her last post, although you can’t plan for perfection, you can plan for success. While it’s only 2023, our team is ready for a busy few months ahead helping our candidates get across the finish line and these are just a few of the ways we will help them be victorious.

-Brittany Yanick