Do you ever feel like you’re speaking out into the social media void? Are your messages slipping through all the noise? You’re not alone, and we know how you feel. You want to grab people’s attention but you also want your messages to resonate with your target audience. All it takes is a little creativity! At K2, we make the case that using storytelling in your communications and marketing plan is an incredibly effective strategy to engage audiences and convey important messages. By the end of this blog, you’ll be equipped with 3 ways to use storytelling in your marketing plan.

Using storytelling as a tool involves creating a narrative that resonates with your audience and also illustrates your values and mission. By telling a story, you can capture the attention of your audience, build a connection, and create a notable experience.

Now it’s easy to talk about the benefits of this marketing technique, but let’s get to the 3 ways to use storytelling in your marketing plan.

  1. Tell your brand’s story – If you don’t tell people who you are or what you are all about, how will they know? Tell the story of how your organization, business, campaign, etc. came to be, introduce your staff, describe your goals and dreams; These are a few ways to tell your story but there are many more. Get your message and your people out there and tell the world who you are! 
  2. Use client and customer testimonials – It can be hard to brag about yourself so have other customers and clients do it for you! Testimonials can be used in various ways across your website and social media and are a great way to portray credibility and establish a trustworthy reputation. If people can see that others trust you, they will too.
  3. Create videos, convey emotion – Almost every social media platform is pushing video content and many of our clients want to get in the game, but many are wondering where to even start. Stories make for easily enticing video content and are sure to catch the viewer’s attention. Making a small effort to record a quick video can certainly pay off and it’s as easy as telling your brand story and recording a quick customer testimonial. We’ve officially come full circle!

Here are a few other easy video ideas for your business or organization:

  • Meet the team
  • Office tour
  • Latest business or organizational news
  • Behind the scenes of an event or meeting
  • History of the business or organization
  • Fun fact about the business or organization

We hope that you now have a few ideas for how to incorporate storytelling techniques into your business or organization’s marketing plan. Stop speaking into the social media void and start engaging with your audience!

If you want to build your plan but don’t have time, get in touch with us at K2 and Company today. Our social-media-savvy team is ready to help!

-Allison Housley