The lights are dimming, the orchestra is tuning, and the murmur of the opera house is quieting down. The curtains peel back and three lights shine — one red, one white, and one blue — as the stage is set for a political drama of epic proportions.

While there were casting disputes over the past few months, the leads remained the same from 2020: a now-former Republican president looking to take back the White House from the current Democratic president who unseated him. For three years, President Trump has been laying the groundwork for his comeback campaign against Joe Biden and his backward, socialist administration. But both are still technically the presumptive nominees.

Now, after months — years for some — the first act is finally beginning. The crowning of the Republican presidential nominee is around the corner. In 100 days, Donald Trump will be named the 2024 GOP candidate for president as the nation looks on at Milwaukee.

The convention isn’t just about naming Donald Trump the 2024 Republican presidential candidate, though — it is the Republican Party’s opportunity to showcase its economic platform by putting it into action for Cream City. Hundreds of millions of dollars will be flowing into Milwaukee businesses as Republicans from around the country arrive to hear our nominee speak. The best of Wisconsin will be on full display as people from all walks of life depart their planes and head into the heart of Milwaukee.

Hosting any political convention also encourages future opportunities for the city as a whole. Cities that have hosted a political convention, like Cleveland, have sports championships and other major events look to them for housing. Word of mouth and other advertising help local businesses flourish even more and drive further economic growth.

After hosting the 2016 Republican National Convention, Cleveland was tapped to host the 2019 MLB All-Star Game. This led to an estimated $65 million in direct business impact while showcasing Cleveland as a city. Then, three years later in 2022, Cleveland hosted the NBA All-Star Game. That game alone brought an estimated $248.9 million economic impact to the city with $141.4 million coming from direct spending. Cleveland also hosted the 2021 NFL Draft amid the COVID-19 pandemic. And, while the conservative estimated economic impact was $100 million, the final estimated $42 million economic impact in the wake of a global pandemic is still an incredible financial windfall for most cities.

Milwaukee, get excited. In 100 days, you’ll witness history and the world will be coming to your city. Events like this are just the beginning, and the team at K2 and Company is here to help candidates and companies looking to navigate the political landscape. Our team offers decades worth of political experience, including first-hand experience putting on a national party convention. Two of our team members, founder Kirsten Kukowski and senior accounts director Justin Giorgio, worked to put on the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

From fundraising to communications and beyond, K2 brings a tailored approach to each client with robust solutions. Reach out to us today and see how we can help improve your public relations, the K2 Way!

-Houston Keene