In communications, sometimes the key to a successful campaign can come down to one thing: timing. Yes, there are a number of ways to run a successful campaign that generates positive and meaningful results. However, it’s often the perfect storm of timing paired with relevancy and a great hook that leads to memorable results.

In recent months, there’s been no better example of a perfect storm creating long lasting buzz than Netflix’s decision to partner with Chris Rock to launch its first ever live special on its streaming platform.

Launching a new idea can be difficult with several variables to consider including news saturation and target audience just to name a few. But launching an old idea in a new way can come with additional risks and scrutiny. In Netflix’s case it was bringing live events (aka cable television) to the streaming giant – something that isn’t even new to industry thanks to NFL’s partnership with Amazon Prime and Hulu TV.

So Netflix’s biggest goal? Run up its rating for its newest venture by successfully breathing new life into an old concept. How did they do it? Two words: Chris Rock.

Everyone remembers where they first saw the slap heard around the world. Whether it was on TV watching the Oscars, the news, or social media. They also remember the fallout that Will Smith faced and the unusual silence from a comedian known to poke fun at his own life experiences. As fans around the world waited with anticipation to hear Rock’s own account, Netflix now had a hook to promote its new live capabilities.

With Rock publicly telling his side of the story for the first time on Netflix and the special coming in the midst of award season as networks and associations sought to ensure a repeat of the Oscars never happened again, Netflix also mastered the art of sharing relevant content at the perfect time. The special became the perfect vehicle to showcase its own foray into live content.

So did it pay off? Google mentions will show Netflix receiving a bump in mentions that correlates with the growing attention for Rock’s story. The special itself, geared towards a more American audience, became a top 10 show for the streaming giant that week and critics noted that the rollout from Netflix was “leagues ahead of other major live events like New Year’s Eve broadcasts, award shows, and sporting events.”

As organizations look ahead to their next rollout, take a note from Netflix. With good timing, a great hook, and relevancy to a target audience, you too can create a campaign worth remembering.