The hiring process can be tricky as you try to find a candidate that will be a good fit for your team. This is even more crucial for small businesses where each employee has to take on multiple tasks and their success is essential to the prosperity of the company. Coming from an athletic background, I believe athletes bring a unique set of skills that directly translate to the workforce.

Participating in sports has been an impactful part of my life and I have recently reflected on the skills I have gained over the years as I start my career with K2 and Co. The three main areas I would like to highlight are discipline, goal orientation and teamwork. Being a college and semi professional track athlete I was always on a strict schedule. I had to wake up early for workouts, give 110 percent even on the days I lacked motivation and make sacrifices in my social life and nutrition. I think discipline is an essential quality to have because you are able to hold yourself accountable to make sure you are giving your best for clients. You don’t cut corners and are always trying to better yourself every day.

Additionally, being goal oriented is something I believe comes second nature to high level athletes. There are always targets you need to meet on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. I remember even starting at a young age I would print out calendars and write in the big competitions of the season to make sure I was always preparing for those and hitting my short and long term goals. This directly relates to clients to make sure I am effectively staying up on tasks to execute a gala or event. I reach satisfaction by completing goals and seeing the hard work I did come to fruition.

Lastly, teamwork and coachability is a trait that I pride myself on. Throughout my years as an athlete I enjoyed taking on leadership roles and continuously being a role model for my teammates. I thrive in team environments and love getting feedback. In order to be successful in the client facing space I believe it is important to always be open to criticism and make timely adjustments when needed. I am confident that with K2 I will be able to use my athletic advantage and amplify my strengths to provide the best service to clients and try to always “get to yes”.

-Megan Linder