We all learned valuable lessons in recent years: even the most developed plans can’t stop the world from turning and throwing a couple of wrenches in said plans. This has meant we have had to rethink strategies for development and engagement with donors – all while getting a little too comfortable with Zoom, virtual fundraising, and new donor relations tactics.

With all the changes we’ve seen in recent years, it makes me wary of trying to predict what the remainder of this year may have in store. Nonetheless, many believe that some of the transitions that have come with this year are here to stay. Below are 5 tips and trends for nonprofit fundraising and marketing in 2023.

  1. Make it personal: Being online all the time can make connections seem superficial. Your donors want to feel connected to the cause, especially when donors are inundated daily with fundraising requests. Create content that shows the behind-the-scenes impact or provide clear donation levels that explain exactly how their funds will produce change. Providing donors with ways to share their own stories and “whys” is also helpful in building engagement during a disconnected time.
  2. Create predictability: Just when you’ve thought the rug has been completely torn out from under you, take matters into your own hands by creating donor predictability. Having donors commit to giving plans is a good way to map out what the next year of fundraising will look like. Smaller, but more frequent gifts can help fill the gaps between big giving days.
  3. Meet your supporters where they are: Online! Social! When aren’t we looking at screens anymore? Building out social media and other content is something you can plan for, so ramp up that presence to remind donors you’re still there. Video content and live streaming are especially engaging. Be sure to meet your donors on their preferred platforms (social media, text messaging, one-click option like Apple Pay or PayPal) for donating as well.
  4. Don’t be shy: Recognize that your wealthiest donors are likely to be unaffected by the economic downturn that has afflicted many the past year. Approach those donors with larger requests than in the past. Due to the current global situation, they may feel more inclined to support your cause.
  5. Build current relationships: Nurture the donor relationships you already have, and reach out to lapsed donors who may be interested in getting involved again.

Here’s to all the possibilities 2023 holds. Good luck!