If you’re anything like me, you’re staring down Labor Day on the calendar and wondering where the heck summer went. Thankfully, this summer will be one to remember because of my participation in Leaders Lab, a four-month program put on by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. From May to August, I was fortunate to spend time with more than three dozen young professionals, touring different businesses across the state, learning about a variety of industries, and gaining a better understanding of issues impacting employers, employees and our state. 

Engineer, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, tourism, travel and mining were just some of the industries we explored during the Leaders Lab program, and I was grateful to hear from top CEOs and business leaders about the innovation and policy that is driving the next generation of business success here in Minnesota.

But even better than tours and activities in Leaders Lab was getting to know my fellow participants. Especially after work-from-home, COVID-19 and the numerous pressures placed on all of us over the past year and a half, it was refreshing to be together in person, and to talk to others about their experiences, work and just get to know people better. We were a very diverse group from a variety of industries, yet we had so much in common across fields, job and more. The connections fostered during my time in Leaders Lab are invaluable.

I am thankful to the Chamber for putting on such a unique and engaging program, to all those fellow professionals I was fortunate to get to know during the program, and of course to K2 & Co. for sponsoring my participation in Leaders Lab! I’d encourage anyone interested to apply for the 2022 Leaders Lab program!