Starting a new internship can be thrilling and intimidating, especially when you’re thrown into an entirely new environment. You’ll find yourself in challenging situations and may be daunted by the pressure, complexity and intensity of the job. So, how do you handle working three 16+ hour event days within a week while balancing a demanding class schedule and wanting to impress your new bosses?

Here are some tips that can help you succeed as a new event intern:

  1. Know your role and respect boundaries. As an intern, you’ll have to wear many hats, so don’t hesitate to ask for clarification on any responsibilities you’re given. You’re not expected to know everything and asking for more information or guidance will help you understand and perform your role better. Knowing your role also means that you should respect boundaries. If you encounter a situation that is beyond your role or authority, don’t try to handle it by yourself. You may cause more harm than good. Instead, respect the boundaries and defer to a more qualified supervisor to handle the situation.
  2. Take initiative. Event days can be chaotic from last minute guest changes to time crunches, you can count on something unplanned happening. Once the day starts, you may not see much of your supervisors so being able to look around the event space and determine what needs to be done is crucial. You may need a little more guidance during your first event, but it quickly becomes second nature and your initiative to set-up or clean-up is greatly appreciated by the entire event team.
  3. Be professional and courteous. Event days can be nerve-wracking but are also incredibly rewarding. You get to witness your hard work come to life when the event runs smoothly, and guests enjoy themselves. However, just because the event starts, that doesn’t mean your job is over. You should dress appropriately for the event, welcome guests with smiles, and thank everyone for attending at the end of the night. Maintaining professionalism throughout the night demonstrates respect for the client’s organization and will help you leave a positive impression, build trust, and foster more effective collaboration throughout the event.

Starting an event internship in the middle of the event season may seem daunting, but with the right approach you can turn challenges into opportunities for growth. These tips will not only help you navigate the ups and downs of the job but will also leave a lasting impression on your supervisors, coworkers, and clients. Embrace the challenges, learn from every experience, and enjoy your time as an intern.

-Reece Stallman