This year’s Super Bowl was the third most watched TV program ever with 113 million viewers! There’s something for everyone, the game, the halftime show, the party, or the commercials… Companies invest a staggering amount of time and money into these commercials. There’s a lot of pressure on brands to create the wildest, most memorable, and show stopping advertisements yet.

Here are some of our faves:

“My favorite ad was the Tubi Interface Interruption ad! I thought it was a very original and memorable idea and did a great job of capturing everyone’s attention. It was also really funny seeing everyone at my Super Bowl party jump up and look for the remote.”

-Mia Wajda

“I chose the Rakuten Clueless Commercial: All the nostalgia! Original characters and fashion! Rakuten marketing targeted the online shopping community and also the individuals (like myself) who like to find discounts and ways to save while shopping. It was a fun commercial and I will definitely be thinking “as if” before I buy something at full price next time I shop.”

-Stacie Starner

“I think my favorite was the Dunkin Donuts Ben Affleck commercial. Not only did they pull a celebrity who is actually passionate about the brand, but the brand didn’t get lost in the celebrity cameos and other overproduced ads. So many ads, people may remember the joke but not remember what the commercial was for, and that’s an advertising fail in my book.”

-Chelsea Thompson

“Saving Sawyer from Amazon was my favorite. As a dog owner I can 100% relate to this story line. Plus I really liked how amazon fakes you out thinking they’re buying a crate for their dog that destroys everything but really they’re getting a second dog to keep him company.”

-Christopher Mulcahey

“I think I would say my favorite ad was for the electric jeep models. I just thought that it was super funny and well made. I’m geared towards the more silly ads when it comes to the Super Bowl, and on top of that, I love Jeeps!”

-Matt Bohm

“I loved the Bud Light: Hold commercial with the dancing to the hold music. We all spend too much time listening to hold-music and I’ve thought many times that a drink in my hand would make it so much better. It is so relatable and funny. I’ll think of it the next several times on hold.”

-Kirsten Kukowski

“During the Super Bowl, Google promoted Pixel’s new photo editing tools “Magic Eraser” and “Photo Unblur” featuring Amy Schumer, Doja Cat, and Giannis Antetokounmpo. I am personally an iPhone user and enjoy enhancing photos so I don’t have to constantly carry around my Nikon camera, but these new tools really go to show how we can quickly make reality not reality anymore with the click of a button. For years, we have had to use Adobe Photoshop to manually crop photobombers or unwanted objects out of photographs, but these new tools on the Google Pixel take photo editing to an entirely new level on a handheld device. Although there are apps for iPhone users who are envious of Google Pixel’s Magic Eraser, it’s only a matter of time before Apple introduces a new feature to the next generation of the iPhone.”

-Brittany Yanick

“I have to throw the now infamous Tubi ad out there. Mostly because, as an Eagles fan, it gave me a sense of panic while all the people at my house watching the game screamed at me to fix the TV. I think it’s hard to cut through the noise and expectation of a Super Bowl ad and boy, did that commercial do it. Can’t remember another commercial that has ever given me a pit in my stomach feeling like that.”

-Justin Giorgio

“My favorite were the commercials that surprised me at the end. For a lot of them, I found myself trying to guess what brand or product the commercial was for. My favorite ad would have to be the Blue Moon Commercial. It started off with a battle on what kind of commercial it was – Coors Light and Miller Lite, but then stated at the end “It’s a Blue Moon Commercial.” I immediately thought to myself “that’s a good ad.”

-Callie Broughton

Note, the other K isn’t a sportsball fan and decided to watch The Real Housewives of Potomac instead. She says she’ll watch the ads next year.

The Super Bowl Commercials this year, brands have a lot to do to level it up for next year. At K2, we’re eager to see what they come up with.