With KK & Co you get partners with a wealth of knowledge in public relations, strategic communications, public affairs, fundraising and development. We've developed communications and earned media plans, written copy for social media postings, speeches and op-eds for businesses, corporations and presidential campaigns. We have raised millions of dollars and have developed sustainable organizations for grassroots, public relations and fundraising. We will do more for your business or organization.

We are a full service firm that can provide a menu of services tailored to your needs:

Public Relations

Working with the news media isn't everyone's cup of tea but it's a necessary evil in our media-centric world. If you need assistance navigating an existing news story or help developing and executing a pitch to the news media, we can help with national and local media across the country.

Strategic Communications

Do you want more exposure for your business, special project you'd like to highlight or problem you'd like to solve? We build strategic plans that include a wide array of communications tactics to help individuals, businesses and organizations better communicate your message to your strategic audience. 

Crisis Communications

Many businesses find themselves in situations that are overwhelming and seem unsolvable. We're pros at navigating tough situations and can help strategize and implement solutions for your business. This is where that 24/7, high intensity training we've received works in your favor.

Public Affairs

From recruiting supporters to developing longtime partners and advocating for your business, organization or issue, we have the experience to take you to the next level. Over the past decade we have organized grassroots campaigns tailored to small businesses, presidential campaigns and everything in between.


Fundraising is no easy task, but doing it right can mean more money in the bank for your business or organization. We develop fundraising programs to match donor intention with the organizations they want to fund. This means working with finance committees and boards to build sustainable fundraising structures complete with database management, direct mail program strategy, call sheet preparation and call management. 

Event Planning

We have overseen hundreds of events including rallies, small dinners, fundraisers of all sizes and large galas and conventions of several thousand. We are here to help your business or organization from booking the venue to printing the name tags and working with vendors with an eye on the budget. Every detail is important to ensure the guest experience is a priority.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat... the list goes on. People are getting their news in different ways and businesses and organizations must be diverse in how you communicate to your audience. We can help think of those Facebook posts and tweets so you don't have to and after careful planning, we'll execute for you, too. 

Media  Training

As with any trade, there are tricks to doing media interviews and giving speeches. With a little time, strategy and preparation we will get you ready for your upcoming appearance or event. 


Many people don't have the time for creative writing but without that quip or fact in your speech, newsletter or article, how can you expect people to pay attention in our media-centric world? We can help craft material while you edit and make it your own!