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Public & Media Relations
Get the word out

Working with the news media isn't everyone's cup of tea but it's a necessary evil in our mediacentric world. If you need assistance navigating an existing news story or help developing and executing a pitch to the news media, we can help with local and national media across the country.

Strategic Communications
Gain exposure

With communication changing daily in our fast-paced world and the platforms individuals receive consistently shifting, having a strategic communications plan is crucial to any effective organization or corporation. You can have a message, but without the right messenger, delivery, and consistent measuring of metrics – the message will be lost. The K2 & Co. team sits down with organizations and corporations to understand strategic needs, understand the current system and processes, and puts a plan in place with tangible timelines, specific tactics and defined metrics for success. Planning and internal communication are often the keys to change and bringing in outside eyes and ears is often helpful to strategize a new approach.



Crisis Communications
Handle a problem

Many businesses find themselves in situations that are overwhelming and seem unsolvable. We're pros at navigating tough situations and can help strategize and implement solutions for your business. This is where that 24/7, high intensity training we've received works in your favor. A well executed plan can help put your company or crisis on offense rather than defense. This includes everything from prepping media lists, message control, organization flow charts to rapid response. We’ve done it all from managing corporate protests to candidate crisis communications.

Public Affairs
Advocating for you

Engaging people who care about you to talk about you. Voices in numbers are always easier to hear, which is why building coalitions is key for a good public affairs strategy. Organizing groups of people in a coalition is key to an effective earned media campaign and legislative advocacy – bottom line. Isn’t the best salesperson the one who actually used the product or was directly impacted by what they are selling? We find those people to help tell your story. We’ve done this for global corporations and local non-profits, each audience is different, but the need is the same.

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Fundraising & Development
Connecting like-minded goals

Fundraising is no easy task, but doing it right can mean more money in the bank for your business or organization. If you are looking for help to find quick money for your group – we are not the firm for you. We develop fundraising programs to match donor intention with the organizations they want to fund. Donors want to feel good about what they are funding. At K2& Co. we manage our own internal database and donor call sheets to help you identify prospective funders, but we also consult and help you manage your own program, either through a strategic development plan or day-to-day consulting.

Media Training
Control the story

As with any trade, there are tricks to doing media interviews and giving speeches. With a little time, strategy and preparation we will get you ready for your upcoming appearance or event.



Social Media
Share the story

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat... the list goes on. People are getting their news in different ways and businesses and organizations must be diverse in how you communicate to your audience. We can help think of those Facebook posts and tweets so you don't have to and after careful planning, we'll execute for you, too.