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K2 is an experienced event management, fundraising, and public relations team. We plan and execute events of all sizes prioritizing budget management and the customer experience. We will help you build great events and sustainable revenue growth through coaching, coordination, and delivering quality work that exceeds expectations.


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Our Specialty: Gala on a Budget

As fundraisers, we understand how hard finances can be which is why we specialize in creative, unforgettable events that will wow your guests and not break the bank. We run events for small to midsize nonprofits who need full-service staffing and support and we are booking for 2024 and 2025 now.

K2 took over the Blue Nite Gala and has been raising funds, managing, and producing the event since 2020. With their leadership, we more than doubled the attendance of our gala because of their sales and marketing expertise. Our nonprofit netted more than three times our previous fundraising at the 2022 gala. The K2 team always digs deep and comes up with creative solutions for us to expand our impact. 

Saint Paul Police Foundation

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We have decades of experience and can help lighten the load and put on a seamless event. Our niche is the small to midsize non-profits that need full-service staffing and support.

Please reach out to see if our event planning expertise will be a good fit for you. We are booking events for 2024 and 2025.

Contact events@k2andcompany.com to start the conversation today.




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