Now is the season to start building your grassroots efforts

The Minnesota Legislature (finally) finalized their budget bills this weekend and there were plenty of ups and downs, and twists and turns along the way in St. Paul. But that’s the life in any state capitol.

Rest assured, through it all K2 & Co was in the action and loving every minute. We thrive working with people who care about an issue and connecting them to the bills that will impact them because every bill has an impact.

With state elected officials heading back to their districts until next February, this is the time to work on the issues you care the most about. Legislative breaks are the time to recruit and train advocates who will engage leading up to and during peak capitol months and begin getting local media coverage on issues. In fact, now is when the real grassroots work starts.

The longer runway you have leading up to next session to build relationships and educate the public on whatever issue it is – the better your outcome will be – hands down. It’s like training for a marathon for a year versus one month. You need six months to a year to properly prepare grassroots campaigns for the best chance at success.

Whether it’s preparing a public affairs strategic plan or blocking and tackling with letters to the editor, opinion editorials, email updates, pitching reporter interviews to build those relationships, or building events so the general public learns more about you – we are here to support you. This is the awareness campaign that should happen so when it’s time for the legislative session again, K2 & Co can work to facilitate meetings with elected officials and they are ready to engage!

Grassroots work should be done throughout the year and K2 has the experience to execute your needs. Check out our full list of our areas of expertise.

Why Professional Mentorship is Important

Sometimes you just need a chance, an opportunity and a little guidance. Whether you’re an intern or a seasoned veteran in your field, we can all think of someone (or many people) who helped us get where we are today in our career and provided meaningful guidance along the way. Professional mentorship is an invaluable asset as we continue to grow both personally and professionally, and whether you’re the mentor or mentee at this point in your career—mentorship helps make us all better.

A good professional mentor challenges us. They push us beyond our current capabilities and show us how we can do better. To advance in your career, you must grow in your skillset, knowledge and relationships, and a good mentor understands where you’re at in your career development, and provides suggestions and ideas of how you can move forward.

If your mentor is someone higher up at your current company, look to their work and ask questions like how they got into their current role. Ask them what it was like when they started, how the company has developed, and how to build relationships and skills that will help you grow and benefit your company. And most importantly, watch what they’re doing and see what professional traits and skills you can emulate that will help you be more successful in your current role. 

Failure is also a key part of career growth, and where mentorship can be incredibly valuable. Maybe you feel like you failed at a project, didn’t get the promotion you were hoping for, or are facing unexpected adversity at work. These things can be hard to handle, but you’re not the only one who has faced setbacks. A good mentor can help guide you, and share their own experiences of how they overcame their own career obstacles. No one becomes a CEO overnight, after all!

What’s also important to remember is mentors come to us in many ways. Sometimes, it’s about formally asking for help. Maybe you meet for coffee once a month asking for specific career advice. Other times, we may not even know someone is impacting our careers and helping us grow until we look back on that project, that experience or that promotion.

Many mentors also find that when they’re able to discuss their careers and impart their knowledge to another, it helps them better assess their own skills and where they can improve too. Bouncing ideas off one another often offers new perspectives and key insights.

Perhaps most importantly when it comes to mentorship, don’t be afraid to ask for advice and don’t be afraid to offer it! You can grow leaps and bounds professionally as you learn new skills, how to better navigate relationships and situations, and become more self-aware of your strengths and where you can improve.

Professional mentorship can make a huge difference in your career trajectory, so look to others as you look to grow in your career.


Dealing with the Post Grad Blues

It’s that time of year again! The birds are singing, most of the snow in Minnesota has melted, and our graduates are coming into the workforce all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. With all the excitement that these young professionals have, there is still a lot of uncertainty and insecurities that come with starting the next chapter in life.

As a “recent grad” (does 5 years count as recent?) myself, I can completely relate with the feelings of loss and angst for what’s to come. There was definitely an adjustment period but after a while I found a couple things that really helped me cope.

First, it was coming to the realization that at 22 years old it’s okay to not have your whole life planned out. There’s a lot of pressure to have everything planned out. The reality is, the majority of people will spend 50 years in the work force and it’s a safe bet you won’t do the same thing the whole time.

After accepting that there will be transition phase, it’s important to identify the things you can control in your life. Recognizing those things will be helpful in keeping balance and reduce stress. For me, diet and exercise are things that I have complete control over. Whether you’re interviewing, just starting a new job, or still trying to figure things out having a set eating and working out schedule will keep you in check.

Lastly, one way to deal with the post grad blues is to stay connected. Keep in touch with friends, family, coaches, and professors. Find groups or fun activities that are going on in your neighborhood. Grab a cup of coffee or do a quick call. We’ve all experienced this in some capacity and talking through the unknown is helpful.

We at K2 & Co, have all had our fair share of interesting jobs throughout the years. Each venture has shaped us into the people we are today and has created a business we can be proud of. Whether you’re a recent grad or not, we’d love to chat and tell you all about K2 &Co!


Why Authenticity Matters

Honesty is the best policy.

Your mother probably told you this growing up when you were caught telling a little white lie or a whopper of a tale. But there is value in that lesson—especially when it comes to marketing and engaging with the public.

With social media, brands are constantly being monitored and a public relations mistake or story can go viral in a matter of seconds. If you’re not honest with consumers, stray too far from your brand, and most importantly—don’t address a problem and engage in an authentic way, you’ll have trouble building trust with your audience in the long-term. And no one wants the public to lose confidence in their brand.  

Social media has made people more savvy when it comes to how they engage with brands. Previously, an ad campaign was all it took to tell a brand story. Now it’s people who can send out a tweet or a post, making what was once consolidated brand story telling effort into thousands or millions of voices with an opinion on who you are and what you do.

More and more, consumers seek out brands with a cause, a purpose and a mission—and brands telling their stories must make sure they find authentic ways to advocate for something while also remaining true to their brand. Too much spin, and people will quickly dismiss your efforts as insincere and move onto the next.

While social media can add real pressure to businesses and brands, it also provides an amazing opportunity for consumers to be your brand ambassador. I think each of us know a product or service we recommend to our friends and rave about. If that brand feels aligned with our values and feels authentic, all the better.

So to my fellow public relations experts, marketing gurus, branding champions, and anyone working to tell the story of their brand, non-profit, business or idea—ask yourself this question first: Is it authentic and is it honest? If it is, you have a great chance of connecting with your audience and growing your brand, because after all—honesty is the best policy.


Politics at the Pub

Last week the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce put on another great event—Politics at the Pub. The event was hosted at Patrick McGovern’s in St. Paul so you know that there was not only great conversation, but great food and drinks too!

K2 and Co. co-sponsored the event which included a great chance to network with chamber members, local elected officials and candidates. It’s wonderful to see so many community leaders working together to ensure St. Paul is, and continues to be, a thriving community for businesses of all sizes.

I had a great time getting to chat with some local elected officials and hear more about their vision for St. Paul area communities. Politics and good public policy matter, and in many ways more greatly impact our everyday lives at the local level. No matter what issue you’re most passionate about, there are many great people to meet and meaningful ways to get involved at the local level.

Thanks to the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce for putting on another great event! I look forward to many more fantastic events this year!


Highlighting Local Stories for a Positive Impact

Grassroots can sometimes be hard to define. What it really breaks down to is familiarizing ourselves with issues that impact our local communities, finding groups of people who have a stake in the issue, and highlighting their authentic stories in a way that humanizes the issue.

We love what we do at K2&CO and we love the people we’re able to connect with through our projects. This week, there was a touching story in the Star Tribune about Ana Younker-Zimmerman. Ana was born without arms but that hasn’t stopped her from living life to the fullest. Recently, Ana threw out the first pitch during the Minnesota Twins game at Target Field. Ana is an inspiration, not only in the adapted sports community, but throughout the Twin Cities. Check out the full story here:

K2&CO has had the honor of working with a number of amazing organizations and people over the years. Through our grassroots work, we have been able to bring attention to issues by partnering with local sports teams. Not only is it enjoyable for our project partners and volunteers to work with Minnesota sports teams, but this is a unique way to inform a greater number of people on issues they might not be familiar with.

Many sports teams have community fund programs that offer opportunities for activists and local organizations to share their stories. K2&CO has partnered with the Minnesota Twins, Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce, House of Charity, Verde Technologies, and the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department to educate the public on prescription use/abuse and safe disposal. Our group was featured during the pre-game ceremony, had a video play on the Jumbotron, and we were able to pass out rally rags before the game. What a success!

If you’re curious about grassroots advocacy, the issues we’ve worked on, or how we can help bring attention to an issue you’re passionate about let us know. We’d love to connect!


AI won’t be taking over grassroots anytime soon!

We’ve all heard it before. Robots are coming for our jobs! The future is here and machines are replacing workers and becoming the human equivalent.  While some people are disheartened by the thought of AI taking over parts of the work force, others are figuring out ways to embrace this change. For example, in industries with high turnover, like fast food, developing technology can help with worker shortages, lower labor costs, and provide more consistency.

Sure, the idea of “robots” is frightening thanks to movies and TV, but think of positive possibilities (spoiler alert…a lot of this is happening whether you know about it or not). In the United States, there are more than seven million unfilled positions right now. With a number like that, it’s no surprise that companies are turning to automation to help keep businesses afloat and on the path to success.

While many industries are adopting AI, there are some that have to rely on other ways to make ends meet…such as grassroots and public advocacy! I know you were all worried that someday soon, all correspondence would be coordinated between a computer. Well fear not! Grassroots and public advocacy is a unique industry that thrives on good ole face-to-face conversations, genuine relationships, and strategizing human to human.

There are parts of the work we do that have changed (ex: campaign phone banks are becoming more automated) but for the most part this work has remained center to building connections and involving members of the community on important issues. It’s scary and exciting all the new technology that comes out from year to year. You can always count on K2 & Co to provide a friendly *human* face to help with any of your PR needs!

Local Journalism is Changing—But It Matters More than Ever

Local journalism is in a time of great transition. Google local news, and you’ll see thousands of stories about the current struggles of outlets both large and small in an era of social media, reduced profitability and staff cuts. People have dramatically shifted the way they get their news in the last decade, and local media is trying to figure out how to keep up.

At the same time, however, the cries that local journalism is dead are premature, as they are a not only a critical part of the fourth estate to ensure checks on local government, but local outlets also continue to be a valuable tool to get your message to the public. 

Local journalism—radio, print, and television are key tools to help you better tell your story, reach your audience, and compliment your social media and internet presence. A good local news story shared on your feed, an event invite in the paper along with a Facebook invite, or a compelling interview that adds context to a public policy issue are all ways that traditional, local media can enhance your story. 

Building relationships with reporters on issues that impact your community, your customers or your audience also means that over time, it may be easier to get your story to the public in a favorable light. Plus, while many outlets are struggling with profitability right now, they are also arguably reaching larger audiences than ever, as their content is shared and accessible around the world.

Furthermore, the current state of local journalism provides a real opportunity to craft your narrative for local news and reach a targeted audience. For example, with limited staff at many local newspapers, they are often looking for content. Crafting columns, event notices and press release customized for local papers can give you a better chance to get coverage, tell your story, and reach a sizeable audience.

While there are important conversations happening on how to fund and protect quality journalism in our communities as public news consumption shifts in the digital age, there also continues to be real opportunities to utilize local outlets to tell your story and create a compelling narrative for your brand, your issue or your organization.

People want to feel connected to their community, so connecting with them in their community should be a key part of any media plan.


One Month Left of Minnesota's Legislative Session

With about a month to go, the 2019 Minnesota legislative session is coming to an end. Even though session is only a few months of the year, K2 & Co is here to help harness attention around the issues you care about at any time.

While session is a great time to meet with legislators, legislative breaks are just as important times to rally community members and local organizations around your issue. When session reconvenes the following year, you will have a well-built message supported by others who are working toward a shared goal.

Here’s how K2 & Co can help build your message in the months leading up to the 2020 legislative session:

Grassroots Outreach

Whether you’re trying to get a bill passed at the Capitol or just needing guidance, K2 & Co will construct a grassroots strategy that revolves around the issues that matter most to you.  This starts with engaging with key community stakeholders and the public to put a face to your cause.

Earned Media

Our local media outlets are greats resources to utilize. K2 & Co can schedule interviews, plan a press conference, and help draft a letter or opinion editorial. Radio, TV and newspaper reporters are constantly looking for genuine content and your message could really resonate with the public.

Crisis Communications and Media Training

Do you have an interview with a reporter but need help articulating your message? Need help navigating a media crisis? Let K2 & Co. be there for you, providing talking points, media training, reputation management, communications strategy and more.

Set Up a Day at the Capitol

Are you looking to engage with elected officials but don’t know where to start? Let us do the heavy lifting by coordinating your day at the Capitol! We can set up meetings with your members and their legislators, book rooms, organize the logistics of your day at the Capitol, and much more.

Have another idea of how we can help you at the Capitol? We’d love to hear it!

Let K2 & Co help you navigate this through the political scene with our expertise, experience.

MN Twins Lunch with SPACC

It’s the most wonderful time of year…baseball season! America’s favorite pastime is back in full swing (pun intended) and we are all here for it! There’s no better way to kick off the season than by attending the 2019 Minnesota Twins Home Run Lunch presented by Mortenson Construction.

Last Friday, the Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce and Minneapolis Regional Chamber co-hosted this spectacular event by bringing members of the business community together over a shared love for one of Minnesota’s favorite teams. Though attendees weren’t able to enjoy the Twins stadium in its entirety (oh yea… it snowed 10 inches in April, super cool), spirits were high, especially when the Twins players dropped by.

The Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce and Minneapolis Regional Chamber do a fantastic job at providing local networking opportunities, keeping members engaged on legislative updates, and backing important charitable causes. During the MN Home Run Lunch, partial proceeds were given to the Minnesota Twins Community Fund.

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 3.04.03 PM.png

Hey Siri. Hey Alexa. Hey Google.

Chances are you’ve said at least one of these phrases in the past month. Technology has radically changed our lives as smart phones can answer just about any question we need, can control every electronic device in our house, give us instantaneous news, and connect us to the world.

Convenience is the name of the game, but it’s also comes at a cost. The New York Times new Privacy Project is taking an in depth look at the state of technology today and what citizens are trading for convenience. They’re looking at policy, how consumers interact with data, technology companies, and how their own company tracks, collects and shares data with advertisers and tech giants.

Working in public relations and politics, it’s easy to see the value of collecting data to better understand target markets and reach your audience. It helps us target ads, messaging, products and ideas that are tailored to individuals, and helps clients more easily reach the public. And let’s be real, my Instagram and Facebook seem to know exactly what shows I want to watch, what books I might enjoy reading, and what events in my community would be of greatest interest. But to get this data, it means trading away personal information from the seemingly innocuous like gender and age, to the more personal like where I go and what I purchase.

The Privacy Project is discussing a wide variety of perspectives and issues surrounding technology and data mining, including some of which I had not previously considered. One article that sparked my interest was how women interact with technology. We all know that it’s important to protect our personal information, but the internet experience can be a vastly different for women than it is for men. Online harassment, threats to women’s well-being, and stalking affect women more often, and they’re more likely to have stricter privacy settings on their social media accounts, post fewer photos online, and are less likely to share their relationship status or political views on the internet.

In the editorial What Women Know About the Internet, the author notes, “These views are shaped by the reality that women experience the internet differently, just as the experience of walking down a dark alley, or even a busy street, is different for women than it is for men. One Pew study found that women are far more likely to be sexually harassed online and describe these interactions as extremely upsetting. The Department of Justice reports that about 75 percent of the victims of stalking and cyberstalking are women. And so women look over our shoulders online, just as we do in real life.”

I expect this project to include more interesting perspectives and ideas to broaden our discussion around technology, as we navigate where we go from here.

Technology is the new and ever-changing frontier, and as a society, as communicators, as companies, as citizens and as governments, we’re all striving to find a balance between convenience, privacy and how our world will look going forward. I think it’s an interesting and worthy conversation, and I know I’ll be following The New York Times’ Privacy Project.

But in the meantime, Hey Siri, play “Every Breath You Take” by the Police.


KK on Almanac

KK went on TPT’s Almanac Friday to discuss the MN legislative recess, taxes, Ilhan Omar, President Trump and Amy Klobuchar on the political panel. 

Watch here:


As a small business, the more money we invest in our company and employees, the better off we all are. We need tax policies that will let us do that. We have three employees and every penny is accounted for - salaries, expenses, taxes, savings that will be reinvested in our business, new hires, etc.

We appreciate all of the legislators at the local, state and federal levels who continue to work for common sense tax policy every day. We know there’s a balance between important government spending and advocating for lower taxes, but if everyone believes that growing our economy takes businesses taking risks and hiring, then we will all move in the right direction together.

On a lighter note, how we all feel that day you mail your tax checks:

Tax Day Cat.gif

Bringing Passion and Expertise to a Board

It’s easy to get caught in the grind of day to day work. One way to boost creativity and network is by joining a board. Getting involved in something you’re passionate about will keep you motivated and will give you an alternative space to pour your energy into.

Depending on the board, finding and joining isn’t a huge task. There are many boards that seek out candidates just as diligently as you are looking for them. Generally, there are two types of board positions, a paid member and a volunteer seat. Whether you’re vying for either position, make sure to research existing members, be well versed on the organization, and offer expertise that they might be missing. This sets you up to be a top candidate and demonstrates sincerity.

Important questions to consider before joining a board:

·       Do you believe that the existing members have a shared vision of the organization’s strategy and capabilities?

·       Do your goals mesh with organizations?

It’s becoming more popular for organizations to nominate younger professionals to boards or create a separate board entirely. Young professionals bring a different perspective to the table and those who have technological skills are in high demand.

Joining a board is a great way to market yourself and share your talents so treat the process like it’s a job interview. Spruce up social media accounts (especially LinkedIn) and familiarize yourself with news or anything policy related to the organization. Be prepared to answer questions about collaboration, problem-solving, and communication. Regardless if it’s a paid position or not, existing members want to be sure that they’re aligning themselves with someone who’s honest and will represent the organization well. Like any job interview, if you’re not selected, it’s still a great learning experience and there will be other opportunities.

Here at KK & CO, our team is invested in many projects outside of the company. This spring, Mary Kuna joined the Young Professionals Board through Special Olympics of Minnesota. Mary has devoted her time as a coach, volunteer, and cheerleader to her older brother, Robert, who has down syndrome.  As an account executive, Mary is excited to bring her knowledge of grassroots issue advocacy to the Young Professionals Board.


Politics and Civility: Join Us for a Conversation About the First Poll from the New Battleground Poll


An in-depth conversation about the results from the first poll from the newly relaunched Battleground Poll, a national bipartisan survey of registered voters in the United States measuring voter sentiment and opinion. This reliable bellwether of national opinion will ask traditional polling questions related to U.S. electoral politics and voter attitudes, as well as gauge voter opinion on the state of civility in our national political conversation.


Republican pollster Ed Goeas of The Tarrance Group,

Democratic pollster Celinda Lake of Lake Research Partners, and

Mo Elleithee, founding Executive Director of GU Politics


Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at 10:00 AM


National Press Club, Zenger Room,

529 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20045

RSVP: Kirsten Kukowski at


Making a Difference in the Lives of Others Will Make a Difference in Your Life Too

I know you’re busy. Friends, family, work, school, exercise, budgeting, taking the dog for a walk, eating right, cleaning the house, bingeing that favorite TV show—sometimes it feels like our to-do lists never seem to end. But adding volunteering into the mix, even if it’s just once a month will not only make your community a better place, but allow you to explore your passions, grow as an individual, network, and connect with others.

By making a difference in the lives of others, you can make a difference in your life too.

Let’s start with your passion—what are you good at and what do you enjoy? Maybe you’re an animal lover and you can volunteer at your local pet shelter or foster an animal. Enjoy helping kids? You could sign up for a program like Big Brothers Big Sisters. Passionate about politics? Volunteer on a campaign. Enjoy spending time with seniors? I am sure your local nursing home would love to have you come in and help call bingo or visit with residents.

The point is, if you can find something you are passionate about, you will bring that joy to those you are helping and boost your own happiness in the process. Studies show that volunteering makes us feel good, and improves our mental health.

Now let’s look at your career. Are there places where you can grow your skills and your network? Maybe you’re working to become a teacher—volunteer to tutor or teach English. Maybe you want to improve your graphic design or public relations skills—offer your services to your favorite charity to help them grow their brand, design invitations or create a new logo. You can grow your portfolio, enhance your resume and get a better understanding of your field by volunteering your time and your talents.

Volunteering is also a wonderful way to network, without feeling like you’re networking. It’s a natural way to connect with others, find mutual interests, and also show what skills you bring to the table. These people may not only become friends, but could be a valuable resource to you as you grow your career.

Plus, volunteering helps give us a sense of purpose and belonging. If we’re giving back to our community, you’re naturally going to feel more connected to your community. It’s a win-win for everybody.

If you don’t know where to start, you can refine your interests and see local opportunities at and You would be surprised how many folks are looking for your time and help. Plus, you might just stumble upon a great charity or nonprofit you haven’t heard of yet!

Endless possibilities are out there, so add volunteering to your to-do list and see firsthand what a difference you can make in your community.


Minnesota's State of the State

Last night we heard from Governor Time Walz during his first State of the State address where he set the tone for his governorship and how budget negotiations will go work between the Governor, Republican Senate, and Democrat House.

*Fun Fact: MN is the only state with a divided state legislature

Walz discussed his priorities that will come from his proposed $50 billion budget plan and hammered home how the state of the state is strong but the legislature is at a crossroads.

But let his reminder be a reminder to us, “behind every one of these debates, there are real people, real people being impacted,” said Walz.

In the next weeks, we expect to see a mad scramble in the state legislature as the omnibus bills get finalized before hitting the floor. Elected officials are working to push their top priority issues in the hopes they make it to law.

This is where KK & CO comes in! We are a Public Affairs/Public Relations firm committed to making transformational change. We do that by watching the policies at the Capitol, strategizing ways to approach these issues, harnessing more attention through outreach and earned media, and giving the general public opportunities to lend their voices to these important issues.

Our hope is for all people in government to follow through on campaign promises and keep the people they represent at the forefront of their minds. KK & CO takes pride in their ability to keep constituents up to date on issues that are relevant and impacting local communities.

If you have an issue that you’re passionate about or need help navigating your issue at the Capitol, we can help! The team at KK & CO has years of experience with the state legislature, political campaigns, local think tanks, fundraising, event planning, crisis management, and media training which can help aid in your needs. Let us help you today!


Great Post from Our Friends at kglobal: How to “Marie Kondo” Your PR Strategy

You may have heard of the organization consultant, Marie Kondo from the popular Netflix show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” She is also the author of the New York Times’ bestselling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Millions follow her methods, but her tactics can be applied to more than just cleaning house. As a public relations (PR) professional, you can improve your PR strategies using elements of the KonMari Method™ to, as she says, “spark joy” and reach your campaign goals.

One of the main goals of a PR strategy is often to boost brand awareness while cultivating a positive reputation. What if you could apply Marie Kondo’s lessons to your PR strategy? The good news is, you can. This Spring, tidy up your PR strategy by implementing the following methods, inspired by Marie Kondo’s philosophy:

Who Run The World? Powerful Political Women

“Power is like being a lady…if you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.” –Margaret Thatcher

That’s the quote that kicked off another great public affairs series event today with the Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce, focusing on women in politics. Being part of a female-owned small business, it was inspiring to hear from other strong female leaders making a difference in our community and state!

The event panel included President of the St. Paul City Council Amy Brendmoen, Speaker of the Minnesota House Melissa Hortman, and Dakota County Commissioner Liz Workman. Kiya Edwards of KARE 11 moderated the event.

For a panel event with elected officials, the conversation was very candid and honest about how women are leading and making space for themselves in politics, in the boardroom and in the media. Topics covered included mentorship, implicit bias, leadership styles, partisan politics, communication, work-life balance and how to have a career in public service. As we near the end of Women’s History Month, it’s interesting to hear the shared experiences of women, and encouraging to see how these conversations have evolved over time.

I think one of the most interesting topics that resonated with me was that women feel they face a narrower path when it comes to leadership style. Leaders often have to make tough decisions and stand up for what they believe in—and that can fly directly in the face of likeability. It’s a conversation that women in leadership roles have faced for a long time, and I expect the issue to come up regularly in the media with a number of female candidates already throwing their hat in the ring for the 2020 presidential race.

It also reminded me of another Margaret Thatcher quote that feels a good place to end:

“If you set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing.”



America’s Love of the Tournament Gives Minnesota a Chance to Shine

Just two years ago, the Super Bowl was in town giving the Twin Cities a chance to shine in the national spotlight, and show all the great things our state has to offer. Now, with March Madness in full swing and the Final Four in Minneapolis at U.S Bank Stadium, we get another chance to show the nation, and the world just what we have to offer.

Major sporting events in our state can be a challenge at times as everyday citizens face headaches trying to get to work, to school and just around to their normal favorite hangouts, but is also offers an economic boon to hotels, restaurants and our local economy. The Minneapolis Final Four Host Committee expects that Minneapolis will welcome 94,000 visitors in town for the event and see an economic infusion of $148 million. With that and an expected 23 million viewers at home, this is Minnesota’s time to shine and allow local businesses and brands to highlight what they do best.

The New York Times picked Five Places to Visit in Minneapolis near U.S. Bank Stadium in a recent article. Highlighted spots include Eastside restaurant and local favorite Faribault Woolen Mill Co. I expect that plenty of visitors will be impressed by our states’ world class dining and shopping!

Besides food and hotel stays, brands and businesses of all sizes have a chance to be a part of the action. Major brands including Capital One, Coca-Cola and AT&T are bringing in free concerts from Katy Perry, the Chainsmokers, the Jonas Brothers, and Zedd.

Nicollet Mall will be busy with more local and national brands coming into offer food, kiosks, interactive experiences, parades, rallies, TV interviews, and even a giant Ferris wheel! There are a wide array of opportunities and creative ways for Minnesota businesses and brands to capitalize on the tournament, and get in front of customers and grow their brands. I expect to see a lot of promotional creativity over the next couple weeks!

So whether you’re a sports fan or not, there are plenty of opportunities for Minnesotans to get basketball fever with the NCAA Final Four in town and take part in the fun. I know we’ll do a great job showing the world all the great things Minnesota and the Twin Cities has to do, see and experience.