Great Post from Our Friends at kglobal: How to “Marie Kondo” Your PR Strategy

You may have heard of the organization consultant, Marie Kondo from the popular Netflix show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” She is also the author of the New York Times’ bestselling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Millions follow her methods, but her tactics can be applied to more than just cleaning house. As a public relations (PR) professional, you can improve your PR strategies using elements of the KonMari Method™ to, as she says, “spark joy” and reach your campaign goals.

One of the main goals of a PR strategy is often to boost brand awareness while cultivating a positive reputation. What if you could apply Marie Kondo’s lessons to your PR strategy? The good news is, you can. This Spring, tidy up your PR strategy by implementing the following methods, inspired by Marie Kondo’s philosophy:

Who Run The World? Powerful Political Women

“Power is like being a lady…if you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.” –Margaret Thatcher

That’s the quote that kicked off another great public affairs series event today with the Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce, focusing on women in politics. Being part of a female-owned small business, it was inspiring to hear from other strong female leaders making a difference in our community and state!

The event panel included President of the St. Paul City Council Amy Brendmoen, Speaker of the Minnesota House Melissa Hortman, and Dakota County Commissioner Liz Workman. Kiya Edwards of KARE 11 moderated the event.

For a panel event with elected officials, the conversation was very candid and honest about how women are leading and making space for themselves in politics, in the boardroom and in the media. Topics covered included mentorship, implicit bias, leadership styles, partisan politics, communication, work-life balance and how to have a career in public service. As we near the end of Women’s History Month, it’s interesting to hear the shared experiences of women, and encouraging to see how these conversations have evolved over time.

I think one of the most interesting topics that resonated with me was that women feel they face a narrower path when it comes to leadership style. Leaders often have to make tough decisions and stand up for what they believe in—and that can fly directly in the face of likeability. It’s a conversation that women in leadership roles have faced for a long time, and I expect the issue to come up regularly in the media with a number of female candidates already throwing their hat in the ring for the 2020 presidential race.

It also reminded me of another Margaret Thatcher quote that feels a good place to end:

“If you set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing.”



America’s Love of the Tournament Gives Minnesota a Chance to Shine

Just two years ago, the Super Bowl was in town giving the Twin Cities a chance to shine in the national spotlight, and show all the great things our state has to offer. Now, with March Madness in full swing and the Final Four in Minneapolis at U.S Bank Stadium, we get another chance to show the nation, and the world just what we have to offer.

Major sporting events in our state can be a challenge at times as everyday citizens face headaches trying to get to work, to school and just around to their normal favorite hangouts, but is also offers an economic boon to hotels, restaurants and our local economy. The Minneapolis Final Four Host Committee expects that Minneapolis will welcome 94,000 visitors in town for the event and see an economic infusion of $148 million. With that and an expected 23 million viewers at home, this is Minnesota’s time to shine and allow local businesses and brands to highlight what they do best.

The New York Times picked Five Places to Visit in Minneapolis near U.S. Bank Stadium in a recent article. Highlighted spots include Eastside restaurant and local favorite Faribault Woolen Mill Co. I expect that plenty of visitors will be impressed by our states’ world class dining and shopping!

Besides food and hotel stays, brands and businesses of all sizes have a chance to be a part of the action. Major brands including Capital One, Coca-Cola and AT&T are bringing in free concerts from Katy Perry, the Chainsmokers, the Jonas Brothers, and Zedd.

Nicollet Mall will be busy with more local and national brands coming into offer food, kiosks, interactive experiences, parades, rallies, TV interviews, and even a giant Ferris wheel! There are a wide array of opportunities and creative ways for Minnesota businesses and brands to capitalize on the tournament, and get in front of customers and grow their brands. I expect to see a lot of promotional creativity over the next couple weeks!

So whether you’re a sports fan or not, there are plenty of opportunities for Minnesotans to get basketball fever with the NCAA Final Four in town and take part in the fun. I know we’ll do a great job showing the world all the great things Minnesota and the Twin Cities has to do, see and experience.


Minnesota Legislature hits halfway mark, let us help you cross the finish line successfully

Last week, Minnesota’s 2019 Legislative session officially hit the midway point. Over the last several weeks, legislators have spent significant time in committee hearings churning through bills to meet their constitutionally obligated deadline to adjourn on May 20.

For the rest of March and into the first weeks of April, the Minnesota Senate and House will compile their respective budgets and there will be numerous twists, turns and surprises along the way. Cutting through the political noise and effectively navigating the halls of the Capitol requires forward-looking political insight and relationships, strategic judgment and persuasive messaging. Let us help you get across the finish line by enhancing your visibility, successfully shaping public perception and persuading decision-makers.

Public Affairs Management – Engaging with external stakeholders – including elected officials – has become increasingly important in this highly integrated world. Connecting and building meaningful relationships with an audience not only helps tell your story but also builds a broad base of support and motivates people to act. We have the experience and tools to help you reach new audiences and develop long-lasting partnerships.

Media Relations and Messaging – Developing a thoughtful messaging strategy is a daunting task for many organizations and businesses, but it is also a crucial investment. A consistent, clear and transparent message should be a tool that is used to develop relationships and accomplish your goals now and into the future. We build strategic plans that include a wide array of communications tactics to help individuals, businesses and organizations better communicate your message to your specific audience.

Crisis and Issue Management –Nobody thinks a crisis will happen to them, until it does. Navigating the fallout can be challenging and stressful – especially if you are not prepared. Let us direct you through these tough situations and proactively implement solutions that will protect your reputation and strengthen your brand.

Grassroots Advocacy – Grassroots advocacy is all about building strength in numbers to influence public opinion and government action. At the Capitol, this could be meeting with legislators, planning a day on the hill, preparing testifiers for a committee hearing and engaging members. We can help you channel your supporters’ passion into action. We have a long track record of building and engaging robust grassroots coalitions that will ensure the best outcomes for our clients.

With just over two months to go in the 2019 Legislative session, the KK & Co team is on hand for all the action. Time is running out and the pace is picking up, give us a call today to learn more about how we can help your organization succeed. 


5 Habits to Live By

This week Entrepreneur posted an article which detailed the “25 Best Habits to Have in Life”. Don’t get me wrong, habits are great but we’re all busy. Instead of going from zero to one hundred with attempting to implement all 25 of these habits into your life, start with a few. After going through the list Entrepreneur compiled, I’ve picked my favorites to share.

Good days begin with a healthy breakfast

My day is destined to be off kilter if I haven’t had a good breakfast. Without getting into the nitty gritty of what exactly I eat, I have found that making time for breakfast is incredibly important. There were a good few years where I only gave myself enough time to wake up, dress, grab a granola bar, and started my day. What’s been helpful is setting 10 minutes aside to sit down and have breakfast. During that time, I don’t do anything work related. This has actually helped slow down my morning routine and think through what I need to focus on for the day instead of immediately reacting.

Seek inspiration

In one of my previous posts, I talked about self-development. Whether it’s listening to a podcast, reading a book, watching a documentary or doing some type of physical activity, do something every day that gets your creative juices flowing. This is different from person to person obviously. It’s so easy to get caught in our own circles (friends, work, thinking, etc.) that sometimes we get stuck. Allow yourself at least 20 minutes to get creative. Who knows what it could bring!

Tidy everything

Being organized is a fantastic habit. This will help reduce stress at work and home. There are simple ways to help tidy up your life. You can start small and declutter your work area. Moving on you can organize your email. This has been particularly useful in my life. At the end of the day, I try to have a clean inbox. If there are a few things left, I know they are top priorities.

Make a plan and stick to it

Regardless if it’s for work or something at home, I always have a list of things to tackle. Strategizing and then physically writing a plan is a useful tool. It’s a way of keeping you accountable and the physical act of crossing things off your list is so satisfying. Communication definitely plays a role here too. Making sure your strategy is sound and keeping communication lines open, will increase the chances of sticking to your plan and ultimately executing!

Value sleep

Keep sleeping sacred. This should be a no brainer but technology hurts us here. Set a time frame in your schedule of where you won’t check your email and browse the internet. Devote time to turning your brain off.

Full list of 25 Best Habits to Have in Life is here.


Personal Connections in Business

The cornerstone of a great business starts with the people around it. Growth in your business comes from establishing relationships and building connections. Cultivating lasting personal and professional connections starts with communication. The saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is fundamental to grassroots and public advocacy. So, how do you build connections in this business? Here are some tips I’ve learned:

Pick up your phone

While sending an email is a good first attempt at outreach, making a phone call shows you’re a real person. It’s easy to fall into the comfort zone behind our computer screens, especially when you’re reaching out cold. After you send an introductory email, it’s great to reference it when calling and then this new connection has your number and email on hand for future correspondence.

Schedule a lunch or coffee

Get out of the office and go meet these new people! Taking time out of your day to meet someone in person shows that you care and that you’re interested. A lunch or coffee aren’t big commitments but they establish a face to name connection and build trust. People feed off facial expressions and body language which is impossible to get from an email or a call.

Polite Persistence

Sometimes it takes a few (or many) calls and emails before you get someone to reach back out to you. That is okay and is the name of the game. People are busy so when people don’t get back, it’s not personal. Keep chipping away and keep updating!  

Follow up

A thank you goes a long way. Sending a quick email or text shows your appreciation. This is also a good opportunity to sum up what you’re working on and offer to help on any future projects.

Building genuine connections can be tough in grassroots. Starting a new personal or professional relationship with a solid communication foundation is incredibly important. Using these tips has proven to be helpful in our business, hopefully they help you with yours!  


Another Great St. Paul Chamber Event

As a growing small business, it so important to be plugged into our local business community. One way we do that is by joining business-oriented organizations like the St. Paul Chamber of Commerce, who last week held their 151st Annual Meeting at the RiverCentre.

The event was fantastic as always! It was great to hear from so many inspiring local leaders including the keynote speaker Michael Roman, the CEO of 3M, who talked about how they’re disrupting the market and growing technologies. Mayor Melvin Carter and Governor Tim Walz also addressed the crowd, talking about how important it is to have a great working relationship between the business community and government—we couldn’t agree more!

These events are also an excellent opportunity to network, grow your business and learn about what nonprofits, elected officials, and companies both big and small are doing right here in our own backyard. It is certainly a privilege to be among so many community leaders who not only focus on personal success, but help our city and state prosper, help those in need, and provide a high quality of life right here in Minnesota.

KK & Co. also would like to give a special acknowledgement to B Kyle, the President and CEO of SPACC, who not only gave a wonderful and inspiring speech about Saint Paul, but is doing instrumental work in leading and growing the St. Paul community!

We are looking forward to attending more events with the St. Paul Chamber this year, and continuing to watch St. Paul grow, evolve and thrive. 

Staying Productive During the Winter Blues

We are neck deep in snow and desperately waiting for the day when the sun stays up past 5:30pm on our commute home. It’s hard to stay motivated during these times. The feeling is felt at home and at the office. So how can we break the sluggish routine that is putting us in a funk? I myself struggle with staying productive from time to time but I’ve found a few great tips that work for my schedule and might for you as well:

Time Block

Calendars have always been my thing. In school, I would color code each of my classes and make sure that all my assignments and extra-curricular activities were added. As a busy kid, this provided a lot of stress relief. Now I’ve gone away from the traditional paper calendar and rely on Google Calendar. With grassroots work, you can’t always predict how your day is going to go and that can be difficult at times. Getting into a habit of time blocking has drastically improved my time management and sanity for the days that could have easily gotten away from me. Similar to what I used to do in school, I’m able to color code each of my activities on Google Calendar. I have a chunk of time for driving, media monitoring, responding to calls/emails, meetings, writing, and even 20 minutes to relax/recharge.

Utilize Drive Time

Whether it’s to work, client meetings, visiting friends/family, or something else, you spend a lot of time in your car. In order to make sure I don’t get distracted by incoming emails, calls, or texts I make sure my phone is on silent. What’s been a game changer has been PODCASTS. When my phone is on silent I plug in a new podcast and focus on that. There are some really great options out there for development (career and self). I’ve grown to love my drive time because it’s a chunk of time in my day that I can pause from work or home life.

Make a list, check it twice…or more

Even with time blocking, tasks get added to my list throughout the week that I don’t always account for. When that happens, I like to make lists. When I first started making lists, I just put everything down and tackled the top of the list first. This is a fine way at achieved your goals however it might not always be the most productive. What I’ve found (through MUCH trial and error) is knocking out the difficult tasks first speeds up the process. If I allow myself too much time to think about the harder tasks, I tend to put them off. Getting them done as soon as possible makes the rest of the items way more manageable. Also…the physical act of crossing things out feels so satisfying.

Sweat it out

Okay, this might seem a bit obvious but bear with me! I am the first to say that after a long day the last thing I want to do is go work out. However, just going for a walk around the block or taking your dog to the park does so much to boost your energy levels—and your pet’s. In the winter this might seem daunting but you’ll feel better.


Direct Mail: quick tips to get started...plan it, book it, measure it

Direct mail is a mail piece, sent to a donor or prospect, with an ask to give money to your organization. This does not include other communication with donors and supporters (which you should be doing)!

Whether you are a nonprofit or candidate campaign you need to be communicating to your supporters with a fundraising ask at least four times a year. In most cases, it should be more often, but it depends on how much you are communicating with them in general, how large your donor base is, and if you have results from previous years to use as metrics.

  • Tip 1 - There’s still time to get the mail calendar drafted for 2019! The best way to communicate with your supporters regularly and hold yourself accountable is to plot out when your direct mail should drop for the next year. Your calendar dates should really be spaced out – I prefer a February drop date for the first ask of the year and typically sends something toward the end of the school year before summer begins and the July 4th lull, again post Labor Day and then the Monday after Thanksgiving. Every state and organization is different, this schedule works for most of our clients but it may not for you – test it!

  • Tip 2 - Use a personal story. You are raising money from people, who feel connected to you or to your organization. Tell them why they should care to give again. Every dollar matters whether it's a $10 or $10,000 gift. Each donor is valued and needs to feel the emotional connection to giving. Metrics also allow them to feel good about – what you did with their money and why you need more. 

  • Tip 3 - Be intentional and informed with your ask. Don't send a donor who gives $10,000 to your organization and ask for $100, and vice versa! 

  • Tip 4 - Measure it! How do you know if what you are spending on direct mail is working? Monitor the results. If you rented lists, how are they performing? 

  • Tip 5 - Use the Give-Give-Give-Ask model. This is good for all things in business (and relationships). Provide value, communicate with donors, build relationships and then ask for help. At all times, be genuine and honest about why you need funding and don't ask for money before you provide value to them. 

Direct mail fundraising is an entire workshop but if you are toying with getting started - these are a few good tips for you. As always if you need help give me a shout on my cell or email, always here to help!


When Grassroots is Part of Your Strategic Communications Plan, It Helps Bring Your Message to the Forefront

When folks think strategic communication plans they often think press releases, television interviews, social media posts and brand promotion. But when thinking about how to positively position your policy, your idea or your product to the public, grassroots advocacy should be part of your strategic plan because it can fortify what matters most and help sway public opinion.

Here at KK & Co, we’ve seen firsthand in our work how helping every day citizens share their voice and get involved makes a real difference and impact on public conversation. Whether that’s on social media, in the newspaper or at the Capitol, grassroots advocacy adds real power to your message.  It’s why we work hard to bring a grassroots angle to strengthen our client’s message and get them meaningful results.

A quality strategic communications plan means sharing your message with the right people, by the right people and in the right way. Grassroots advocacy helps bring more voices to the forefront, championing what’s most important to you.

Want to know more about engaging in a grassroots efforts? KK & Co has the experience and know how to answer your questions and get you results!

Let Our Capitol Experience and Know-How Work for You this Session

We’re just four weeks into the 2019 legislative session and things are moving fast! Is your voice being heard? Is your issue being championed? With so many competing groups, interests and issues at the Capitol, let KK & Co. help you stand out this legislative session.

Whether you’re promoting your organization, engaging stakeholders on legislation or bringing your message to lawmakers and the public, KK & Co. can help you navigate our political scene and get meaningful results. 

What can we do for you? Here are a few ideas.

Set Up a Day at the Capitol

Does your association or organization have an upcoming day at the Capitol? Let us do the heavy lifting! We can set up meetings with your members and their legislators, book rooms, organize the logistics of your day at the Capitol, and much more.

Grassroots Outreach

Working to get a bill passed at the Capitol or stop legislation from becoming law? Let us take the lead on grassroots advocacy, engaging stakeholders and the public to help sway opinions and give a face to the issues that matter to you.

Earned Media

Need help pitching a story, setting up a press conference or authoring an opinion editorial? We can help you get your message to the public. Let our expertise and experience with media relations work for you.

Crisis Communications and Media Training

Do you know how to navigate a media crisis? Need training on how to engage with reporters? Let KK & Co. be there for you, providing talking points, media training, reputation management, communications strategy and more.

Have another idea of how we can help you at the Capitol? Just ask!

With hundreds of bills already introduced this year, a sometimes volatile political landscape, and so many new elected officials, it’s imperative that you stand out this session. Whether you’re a seasoned Capitol professional who needs additional help or you are brand new to Minnesota politics and don’t know where to begin, let our team’s expertise, experience and know-how work for you!

Bridging – a local charity you can easily support!

Our community is filled with so many incredible charitable organizations but last fall we chose to support a local organization called Bridging that is based right here in the Twin Cities. As the weather turned, our friends at Bridging said their big need heading into winter was blankets so we held our first annual blanket drive.

We put out the word to friends and family about this partnership and within a few weeks we were able to round up about 100 blankets before the holidays. While dropping off the donated blankets, we had the opportunity to see Bridging’s good work with a tour of the Roseville facility and the shopping process.

Bridging has two locations in Roseville and Bloomington and helps provide donated furniture and household goods to Minnesotans transitioning out of homelessness. Bridging gives hope – and for many – a leap toward financial stability for the first time. Bridging is driven by volunteers and donations of basic home essential items from the community. Here are a few Bridging stats:

·       Bridging has served nearly 90,000 local Twin Cities households

·       Since 1987, Bridging has reduced landfill space by 10 million pounds each year

·       More than 4,000 households served per year

·       More than half of the individuals Bridging serves are children under 17 years of age and 77% of clients have a household annual income of less than $15,000 per year.

Working with Bridging was such a great experience and we encourage you all to help. Most of us could do a quick purge of household essentials that aren’t being used. Instead of throwing those items away, a donation to Bridging would greatly impact a family in your community.

KK & Co has made a New Year’s resolution to be more active with different organizations by volunteering and promoting the amazing work these organizations provide so standby for 2019 projects!

Bridging is always looking for volunteers or donations. If you’re interested in learning more, volunteering, or donating your gently used/new household items please contact KK & Co. or visit Bridging at

KK Group Photo 1.jpeg

Welcoming Chelsea Thompson as new Account Executive

We are excited to announce Chelsea Thompson has started as a new Account Executive at KK & Company. We are a growing company and our employees are our heart and soul. Chelsea will focus on our issue advocacy and communications clients as we continue to grow and help make transformational change for our clients.

Learn more about Chelsea:

Chelsea is a skilled public relations and communications professional known for building relationships with press and policymakers, tailoring messaging to fit brands and engage diverse audiences, and creating compelling media narratives through both social and earned media.

She started her career as a communications intern for the Emmer for Governor Campaign in 2010 before landing in the Minnesota House of Representatives where she spent eight years with the House Republican Caucus, including five as a communications specialist. In that role, she assisted lawmakers, members of leadership and committee chairs with communications, public relations and media outreach, successfully placing meaningful stories in newspaper, radio and television outlets across the state.

Chelsea is organized, creative and passionate about building a strong brand and delivering meaningful results to clients. She graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a Bachelor of Journalism in advertising and political science. 

Session Priorities #3 - has it been that long?!

Happy 2019! We at KK & Co. are looking forward to another year of personal and professional growth.

There’s no better way to start off the New Year than attending the annual Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Session Priorities dinner. Surrounded by business professionals, state legislators, and politically enthusiastic individuals, this event is a great networking opportunity and chance to learn what issues are going to be top of mind for the legislature in the upcoming session.

At KK & Co. we thrive at offering services to help bring awareness to issues by building strategic coalitions. Whether its public relations, crisis communication, fundraising, event planning, or social media, our team is ready to help achieve your goals.

Thank you to the MN Chamber of Commerce for another great Session Priorities dinner!


KK & Co. helps charter schools prepare for crisis situations

Last week, we were able to share our knowledge of crisis management during the annual Volunteers of America Charter School Conference. Schools in the community are taking a proactive approach to seeking information about school safety and how to properly communicate with students, parents, and the public and we were happy to help bring crisis communications help to the conference.

School operations are constantly evolving to ensure that our future generations are not only receiving the best education but are kept safe in the process. Law enforcement works with school administrators on protocols for different situations. In order to keep continuity, schools need to be consistent with communication as well. Utilizing social media (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram) to communicate is crucial. Social media is not only a great tool to increase engagement, but it can be such a necessary “real time” resource.

We also talked about how schools should develop relationships with local media. Whether its updating a newspaper or television station on something happening at the school or to make a correction, making sure the media knows who to communicate with at the school is important.

If you’re curious about what a best practice for crisis management plan looks like for your business, feel free to reach out to KK & Co.!


KK & Co hiring Account Executive

KK & Co Job Description

KK & Co is a growing Communications and Public Affairs Agency in the Twin Cities with clients across the Midwest. We are looking to hire a client service manager to continue the growth KK & Co has experienced the past two years. Looking for someone who can multi-task and work in a fast-paced environment on local, state and federal public affairs issues.


Account Executive


  • Work directly with clients on communications and public affairs projects

  • Draft short and long form written materials for clients

  • Work with media on behalf of our clients

  • Manage and produce events from registration to execution 

Proficient in:

  • General Microsoft products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc)

  • CRM experience preferred


  • Office is in St. Paul, flexible work environment, some travel 


  • Salary/Full time

  • Commensurate with experience with an opportunity for commission and bonuses


Another Successful Event - this time at The Ordway!

This week KK & Co. co-founder Kristen Sheehan helped lead and organize an annual event for one of our clients. This was our first year organizing an event at The Ordway - and while we might be a tad partial, it was the best event yet! The topic of free speech is so necessary and important in this political climate.

Going into these events the stress level is high because the devil really is in the details - meaning, if you forget something it could mess the night up! From the organization (working alongside CAE's Pari Cariaga who is incredible), to the venue itself, the ticketing office, AV team and food/beverage (St. Paul Hotel – catering!), the event went off without a hitch, which means 770 people had a wonderful evening. There was not a bad seat in the concert hall and while we had nearly 800 people it felt intimate and like Professor Alan Dershowitz was speaking to each person. . 

The Ordway Theater and St. Paul Hotel are beyond incredible and two of the best business and event venues in town- we will surely be back.

“We may disagree fundamentally, but we agreed to talk.” - Alan Dershowitz 

CAE Fall Dinner Blog 1.jpg
CAE Fall Dinner Blog 2.jpg

KK&Co talks Minnesota Rising research in 2018 elections on KNSI Radio in St. Cloud

KK&Co president Kirsten Kukowski was on KNSI's Ox in the Afternoon on Wednesday highlighting our efforts with Minnesota Rising - an effort to use opposition research in the 2018 elections. Minnesota is a hotbed for targeted congressional races including the 1st, 2nd, 3rd congressional districts. Democrats across the board are running toward their liberal activists and Minnesota Rising is charged with providing years of context - past statements, positions or actions - to hold these candidates accountable. Listen below:

Allied against Opioid Abuse Takes Target Field

We put together another great event for opioid awareness – this time at Target field! If you’re wondering if that picture straight from the field, you are correct. Such a great experience.

At KK & Co. we manage several coalitions, all with different objectives, but getting their message out is always a priority. With our latest event we had the opportunity to partner with local organizations and our Minnesota Twins.

AAOA on the jumbotron!

AAOA on the jumbotron!

Before the game we distributed information about the opioid epidemic and our volunteers were AWESOME! It was a great opportunity for our volunteers, most of whom are deeply connected to this issue, to engage with the general public to educate and increase awareness.

During the pre-game our partners were invited onto the field for a pre-game reception to raise awareness. What a cool opportunity for them and for our client and to get in front of so many Minnesotans.

Great group of volunteers!

Great group of volunteers!

This event was a huge success. Thanks to all who volunteered, organized, and showed up on behalf of a great cause. If you want more info on how KK & Co. can help you achieve and amplify your mission – contact us!

KK & Co/SPACC Opioid Event a Success

A couple of weeks ago, KK & Co organized an event on behalf of a coalition we manage, in partnership with the Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce.

Coordinating events that have a broad mission can be tricky, especially when you’re trying to engage diverse stakeholders. In preparation for this event, we worked with our partnership members, the Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce, and our panelists to ensure a thoughtful and meaningful event that provided great insight for the attendees.

This particular panel was geared toward businesses and their human resource representatives as it relates to the opioid epidemic. The panel discussed the legal parameters around the issue, indicators or red flags for employers, as well as what employers can do to help educate and prevent prescription abuse among employees. One of the suggestions was informing employees of drug free alternatives for recovery such as acupuncture or physical therapy which can also be included in an employee handbook.

From coordinating panelists and guest speakers to ensuring all logistics went smoothly, the KK & Co team understands that the devil is in the details. When coordinating panels with multiple people who all have different perspectives (the point of panels!) we recommend you over prepare on the mission with questions and prep calls in advance so the event runs smoothly. So many panel events we have watched fail to communicate the key components of the program because there is not a clear agenda and plan for the event.  

Big thanks to our own business attorney, Tara Anderson of TJA Business Law, for helping moderate the panel, employment attorney at Seaton Revnew and Peters, Martin Kappenman, Heather Kaiser with Associated Benefits, an HR consultant, and Nichole Keltgen, a member of the Employee Assistance Program at Associated Benefits. What a team!

Here Kristen Sheehan, partner at KK & Co is giving a Deterra bag demonstration. If you don’t know what a Deterra bag is – email us!

Here Kristen Sheehan, partner at KK & Co is giving a Deterra bag demonstration. If you don’t know what a Deterra bag is – email us!

And take a look at this room – not bad for a Friday in July!

And take a look at this room – not bad for a Friday in July!