Entrepreneur’s 8 Examples of Brilliant Instagram Marketing

Social media was once a new, novel way of reaching audiences, engaging with new target markets and building brand awareness. Now, it’s old hat, and an essential tool in every marketer’s toolbox. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and WordPress are all important social media tools, but Instagram remains arguably the most influential social media platform right now.

For those managing and creating social media content, finding creative ways to engage audiences on Instagram can make all the difference. This is especially true with Instagram moving away from the traditional “likes” measurement for posts.

So looking for some creative inspiration on how other brands and influencers are engaging and growing their audiences on Instagram? Entreprenuer recently published the article 8 Examples of Brilliant Instagram Marketing to share some creative tips on how others have used the platform.

One of my favorite examples in the piece is what Lego did in 2018—capitalizing off of the Royal Wedding with recreated video of the wedding built of Legos. They also used the #RoyalWedding which was already being utilized heavily on social media to help insert themselves into that conversation.

Another great example is how AirBnB is utilizing great posts from their users traveling around the world to help generate their own content. It’s a way to engage with fans of their service and feature them directly on their feed. Travel is also a big segment of Instagram (who hasn’t had trip envy looking through friends’ posts?!), so it’s using their target market’s interests and posts to grow their own brand. On AirBnB, the article notes that this strategy “also generates a steady stream of engagement for every single post, which is a far better strategy for service-based brands than aiming for one-hit wonders.”

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