Finding Joy in Helping Mission-Driven Clients

“Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.“

We’ve all heard that quote before, and I think every person truly wants to find a job they’re passionate about and a career path that leaves them feeling fulfilled.

As we navigate our career paths, most people strive to find a job that is more than just a job. Our job is part of our identity, and we want to find meaning and fulfillment in what we do as we grow our skills, build relationships in our field, and find what works best for us.

One of the best parts about working at K2 & Co. is we get to work with so many different clients, and for me, doing work for organizations I believe in makes the work meaningful. Working with clients who are non-profits, mission-driven, or who are working to make real, impactful changes means you’re working with clients who are passionate about a cause, and you become passionate about helping them achieve their goals.

Sometimes, we find meaning and passion in many issue areas, and client-based work is a great way to help cater to those passions! Working with clients who are championing important issues, means I get a chance to help them increase their impact and make a difference too!

And if you haven’t found a career where you feel like you’re doing what you love or making a difference yet, volunteering is another great way to grow your skillset, make meaningful connections and most importantly, find your passion!