K2 spoke to the new MN chapter of Network of Enlightened Women (NeW)

Recently, Kirsten and I had the opportunity to present to a room of women entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs at the launch of the Network of Enlightened Women (NeW) chapter in Minnesota. Being in our third year in business, we've learned quite a bit along the way - enough to make it an entire day seminar – and we were happy to share our insights with a wonderful group of women! Thanks to NeW for having us - we cannot wait to see you expand in this market. Along with sharing our best practices and things we do to honor our time and relationships, we gave away three gifts that represent three key values in our business.

1)    Make Lists and Manage your time. Don't let your clients down - commit to managing tasks daily with making a priority task list. In this day of constant news, social media, and quick mobile access it’s easy to get off task. Whether it’s electronic on your phone or a hard copy (we gave away a notebook), write down your key goals for the day and week. Daily list making is important, but even more important is to spend some time Sunday nights organizing your priorities for the week and setting your intentions of what you actually want to accomplish. You will be surprised how easy it is for your day to get away from you and how easy it is to stay on task by working your list.

2)    Personal Development: Kirsten and I are huge believers in constant self-improvement so we can do a better job of representing our clients and working collaboratively as a team on a daily basis. We take personality tests to figure out what makes us tick and how best we work and operate. We gave away the book Daring Greatly by Brene Brown as a reminder to spend time working on who you are as a person. Authenticity, in all things, matters, and having those hard conversations to grow are key in business and in life. If you are not improving and moving forward, you’re moving backwards.

3)    Business Development: We love the book How Goodness Pays by Paul Batz with Paul Hillen and we hope the lucky winner at NeW reads every word. Business is hard. Managing people is hard. Managing client expectations and our own is hard. But actions that come from a place of honest, kind, intention will make a difference in business. This is a great read.

These are just a few of our business tips that we shared last week.

NeW, a national organization, educates young women on conservative ideas, cultivates a community in which to discuss and strengthen these ideas and emboldens young women to stand up and speak out on college campuses and in their communities.

Thank you again to the women who took time out of their busy schedules to come to the NeW event. We love seeing women and organizations like this grow in our communities and across Minnesota.