K2 Bookshelf - MFCEO Project Podcast

I’m going to cheat and recommend a podcast even though we’ve been reading a lot of good books lately. I’m not a big podcaster in general, but I love this one. He speaks my language (OK not so much the swearing but that’s his style and his message is worth it). MFCEO Project Podcast is the #1 recommended entrepreneurship podcast by Inc., Entrepreneur and Yahoo! The host, Andy Frisella, gives straight up hard to hear advice about how difficult business (and life) is and calls out our laziness when we aren’t honest with ourselves. He talks a lot about drive, integrity, the fear of the unknown, the American society and the concept of winning, and how to get results from yourself and others. Here’s the podcast: https://andyfrisella.com/blogs/mfceo-project-podcast

This one is a good one – Go Hard In The Mother F*cking Paint, with Andy Frisella – MFCEO305.