Level up your LinkedIn

Unlike other social media sites, LinkedIn is specifically geared toward professional connections, making it ideal for career and business networking. With millions of users in the U.S. alone, more and more recruiters are using the site in their candidate searches. Most likely you are missing an opportunity to leverage your LinkedIn profile, connect with peers, recruiters, companies and grow your personal brand.

If, like me, you are only updating your profile now and then, you are not fully utilizing all LinkedIn can do for you. Below are some tactical tips on how you can leverage LinkedIn to expand your professional network and land your next dream job.

  • Add a quality photo: Include a clear, welcoming and preferably professional photo of yourself.

  • Be personal: Although your LinkedIn profile should include your current position, work history, education details and skills, your profile should also project your personality, values and passions.

  • Tout your achievements: Include your promotions, leadership roles and any other high-performance achievements.

  • Update your status – Just like Facebook and Twitter, you can update your status. Share an interesting article or photo from your latest event.

  • Use LinkedIn groups: LinkedIn groups are a valuable source of information, ideas and support. Exchange knowledge with others in your group.

LinkedIn can be a valuable online tool for professionals, students and businesses alike. From finding jobs, exploring opportunities, hiring employees, locating leads and business partners, discussing interesting topics with other professionals, building relationships, the possibilities are endless.