The Great Minnesota Get Together Means Big Opportunities for Minnesota Brands

While most Minnesotans can’t believe it’s already August (where did summer go?!), it also means we are just weeks away from the Great Minnesota Get Together. The Minnesota State Fair is one of my favorite events of summer, and while most people focus on all the amazing food, this annual event also gives local brands, advocacy groups, politicians and more a chance to engage directly with the public and get their message out.

The State Fair should really be known as the great exchange of ideas.

What’s most interesting about the State Fair, is that is really brings in a vast array of people. It’s Minnesotans coming from different parts of the state, who have different political ideologies, and people of all ages and income levels. According to the Minnesota State Fair, a third of the state’s population attends, meaning you are able to get your brand and ideas in front of a large audience. If brands, advocacy campaigns, companies, political parties and/or politicians can find creative ways to engage fairgoers during this two-week event, it can pay off big.

For brands, engaging people at the fair can mean providing unique discounts and offers that will help increase your customer base and grow your brand loyalty over time. It can mean people being exposed to a product or idea they would have never considered before. There’s are opportunities for unique hashtags and social media shares, increased brand awareness and a positive association with an event that is beloved by so many.

For issue advocacy and political candidates, the Minnesota State Fair is a rare opportunity to bring your ideas to the public—many of whom may not be engaged on the issues you care about otherwise. It’s more than signing a petition or working to get more votes, it’s about finding ways to persuade the public to your side in meaningful ways that can have long-term benefits to the issues you care about most.

So when Minnesotans come out in droves later this month to the Great Minnesota Get Together, brands, companies and politics will have a chance to shine a light on themselves and engage with the public in meaningful ways—all while enjoying some cheese curds and Sweet Martha’s cookies too!

Also, please share your favorite part of the State Fair—always looking for fun new ideas and must-dos at the fair!