The New University of Minnesota President is Making History

Just a few weeks ago I shared a blog post about Best Buy’s new CEO Corie Barry. Now another woman in Minnesota is making her mark—new University of Minnesota President Joan Gabel. Gabel is the first woman to hold the position since the founding of the university in 1851, and the 17th person to hold the title.

She told the regents that, "It's very important that anyone, who might not see themselves reflected in the position or goal that they aspire to achieve, know that it's possible for them. I hope that I'm showing that not only to women and girls on campus and in the community, but anyone who doesn't see themselves reflected in what it is they hope to achieve."

Taking on this role will of course come with many challenges, so it will be interesting to see where her leadership leads Minnesota’s largest university. From navigating today’s political landscape, working with legislators and regents, to rising tuition costs. She shared her early focuses will include student mental health, campus inclusion, and rethinking the university’s several billion-dollar budget.

You can see more about President Gabel in articles from the Star Tribune and Minnesota Public Radio.

As part of a women-owned small business, it’s always wonderful to see women leading the way in their fields. I wish her all the best as she takes the helm at the U of M!