Success is like an iceberg

It’s so easy to get caught in the daily grind of work and everything else that takes place outside of the office. Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and acknowledge all the different facets that actually go into being a full-time, successful working adult. Believe it or not, it requires a lot more than just waking up and sending a few emails.

Recently, I stumbled upon a great picture that used an iceberg as a representation of success. If you can imagine the part of the iceberg that is above water, that represents the things people see which are titles and awards. Everything under water represents what people don’t see. This can include sacrifice, rejections, determination, persistence, good habits, daily goals, and many other things.

As I look at the list of things people don’t see, I can’t help but agree with the majority of these in my own life. In the process of reaching successes in my life, I’ve encountered tears, rejections, disappointment, the need to time manage, needing to stay healthy, and of course remaining focused. Even though people don’t see the submerged part of the iceberg, it’s there and ultimately you get to decide which aspects will be the most helpful to achieving the end goal.

We all have experienced the frustration that comes with people not understanding all the hard work that goes into successfully executing day to day operations or projects. We at K2 & Co. have found it beneficial to recognize a win in our business and what it will take to achieve that win. This helps show value to our clients along the way and keeps company moral up. When there aren’t clear opportunities to show the fun and flashy accolades to people, knowing you have wins on the board keeps the fire going!

No matter what profession you’re in, we’ve all been in positions where hard work isn’t always acknowledged. What’s important is knowing you’ve put in the effort and achieved the client’s need or personal goal at the end of the day! We’ve got this!