Why Media Training Makes All the Difference

Maybe you’ve done hundreds of interviews, or maybe it’s your first time talking to press. Either way, media training and preparation are incredibly important! At K2 & Co. we work with our clients to provide thorough preparation and advice before interviews so you can be ready to talk to reporters and get your message and brand out to the public.

Looking for more on what to do before your big interview? We have a few helpful tips for you.

First, as the Boy Scouts’ motto goes, and as Scar from the Lion King tells us: Be Prepared. That means formulating and understanding your key talking points, anticipating what questions reporters will ask so you have answers in mind, and of course, practicing! In today’s quick media culture of soundbites, you need to be able to get your message out quickly, clearly and concisely.

Practicing in front of a mirror, or better yet videotaping yourself, will let you review and critique how you’re answering questions, as well as how you can improve. Posture, appearance, projection, confidence and body language all play a part in your message beyond the words you speak.

And just as important as it is to be prepared with your message, it’s also important to understand who you’re talking to! Is it a newspaper reporter, a radio interview, a live television interview or an editorial board? Do they have a political persuasion? How long have they been covering this beat? If you can understand the outlet and reporter you’re speaking to, as well as their audience and history of reporting on similar topics to what you’re discussing, it will go a long way to help you create a positive interview. 

Next, it’s key to understand what’s interesting and what’s newsworthy. Demonstrate why you and who you represent are important, and why what you’re adding to the discussion is different, unique and innovative. If you can understand what drives news, it will help you get your point across in an interesting and memorable way.

Finally, while it’s incredibly important to practice, prepare and be ready with a strong and engaging message, it’s also critical you don’t forget to be yourself! Authenticity and passion go a long way in connecting, and whether it’s a one-on-one with a reporter or you’re live on television, make sure that you stay true to yourself. Your message will resonate all the more for it.

We hope those tips were helpful, and If you want even more advice on media training, crisis communications and building relationships with media, let us know! K2 & Co. is here to help!