Now is the season to start building your grassroots efforts

The Minnesota Legislature (finally) finalized their budget bills this weekend and there were plenty of ups and downs, and twists and turns along the way in St. Paul. But that’s the life in any state capitol.

Rest assured, through it all K2 & Co was in the action and loving every minute. We thrive working with people who care about an issue and connecting them to the bills that will impact them because every bill has an impact.

With state elected officials heading back to their districts until next February, this is the time to work on the issues you care the most about. Legislative breaks are the time to recruit and train advocates who will engage leading up to and during peak capitol months and begin getting local media coverage on issues. In fact, now is when the real grassroots work starts.

The longer runway you have leading up to next session to build relationships and educate the public on whatever issue it is – the better your outcome will be – hands down. It’s like training for a marathon for a year versus one month. You need six months to a year to properly prepare grassroots campaigns for the best chance at success.

Whether it’s preparing a public affairs strategic plan or blocking and tackling with letters to the editor, opinion editorials, email updates, pitching reporter interviews to build those relationships, or building events so the general public learns more about you – we are here to support you. This is the awareness campaign that should happen so when it’s time for the legislative session again, K2 & Co can work to facilitate meetings with elected officials and they are ready to engage!

Grassroots work should be done throughout the year and K2 has the experience to execute your needs. Check out our full list of our areas of expertise.