Dealing with the Post Grad Blues

It’s that time of year again! The birds are singing, most of the snow in Minnesota has melted, and our graduates are coming into the workforce all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. With all the excitement that these young professionals have, there is still a lot of uncertainty and insecurities that come with starting the next chapter in life.

As a “recent grad” (does 5 years count as recent?) myself, I can completely relate with the feelings of loss and angst for what’s to come. There was definitely an adjustment period but after a while I found a couple things that really helped me cope.

First, it was coming to the realization that at 22 years old it’s okay to not have your whole life planned out. There’s a lot of pressure to have everything planned out. The reality is, the majority of people will spend 50 years in the work force and it’s a safe bet you won’t do the same thing the whole time.

After accepting that there will be transition phase, it’s important to identify the things you can control in your life. Recognizing those things will be helpful in keeping balance and reduce stress. For me, diet and exercise are things that I have complete control over. Whether you’re interviewing, just starting a new job, or still trying to figure things out having a set eating and working out schedule will keep you in check.

Lastly, one way to deal with the post grad blues is to stay connected. Keep in touch with friends, family, coaches, and professors. Find groups or fun activities that are going on in your neighborhood. Grab a cup of coffee or do a quick call. We’ve all experienced this in some capacity and talking through the unknown is helpful.

We at K2 & Co, have all had our fair share of interesting jobs throughout the years. Each venture has shaped us into the people we are today and has created a business we can be proud of. Whether you’re a recent grad or not, we’d love to chat and tell you all about K2 &Co!