AI won’t be taking over grassroots anytime soon!

We’ve all heard it before. Robots are coming for our jobs! The future is here and machines are replacing workers and becoming the human equivalent.  While some people are disheartened by the thought of AI taking over parts of the work force, others are figuring out ways to embrace this change. For example, in industries with high turnover, like fast food, developing technology can help with worker shortages, lower labor costs, and provide more consistency.

Sure, the idea of “robots” is frightening thanks to movies and TV, but think of positive possibilities (spoiler alert…a lot of this is happening whether you know about it or not). In the United States, there are more than seven million unfilled positions right now. With a number like that, it’s no surprise that companies are turning to automation to help keep businesses afloat and on the path to success.

While many industries are adopting AI, there are some that have to rely on other ways to make ends meet…such as grassroots and public advocacy! I know you were all worried that someday soon, all correspondence would be coordinated between a computer. Well fear not! Grassroots and public advocacy is a unique industry that thrives on good ole face-to-face conversations, genuine relationships, and strategizing human to human.

There are parts of the work we do that have changed (ex: campaign phone banks are becoming more automated) but for the most part this work has remained center to building connections and involving members of the community on important issues. It’s scary and exciting all the new technology that comes out from year to year. You can always count on K2 & Co to provide a friendly *human* face to help with any of your PR needs!