Minnesota Legislature hits halfway mark, let us help you cross the finish line successfully

Last week, Minnesota’s 2019 Legislative session officially hit the midway point. Over the last several weeks, legislators have spent significant time in committee hearings churning through bills to meet their constitutionally obligated deadline to adjourn on May 20.

For the rest of March and into the first weeks of April, the Minnesota Senate and House will compile their respective budgets and there will be numerous twists, turns and surprises along the way. Cutting through the political noise and effectively navigating the halls of the Capitol requires forward-looking political insight and relationships, strategic judgment and persuasive messaging. Let us help you get across the finish line by enhancing your visibility, successfully shaping public perception and persuading decision-makers.

Public Affairs Management – Engaging with external stakeholders – including elected officials – has become increasingly important in this highly integrated world. Connecting and building meaningful relationships with an audience not only helps tell your story but also builds a broad base of support and motivates people to act. We have the experience and tools to help you reach new audiences and develop long-lasting partnerships.

Media Relations and Messaging – Developing a thoughtful messaging strategy is a daunting task for many organizations and businesses, but it is also a crucial investment. A consistent, clear and transparent message should be a tool that is used to develop relationships and accomplish your goals now and into the future. We build strategic plans that include a wide array of communications tactics to help individuals, businesses and organizations better communicate your message to your specific audience.

Crisis and Issue Management –Nobody thinks a crisis will happen to them, until it does. Navigating the fallout can be challenging and stressful – especially if you are not prepared. Let us direct you through these tough situations and proactively implement solutions that will protect your reputation and strengthen your brand.

Grassroots Advocacy – Grassroots advocacy is all about building strength in numbers to influence public opinion and government action. At the Capitol, this could be meeting with legislators, planning a day on the hill, preparing testifiers for a committee hearing and engaging members. We can help you channel your supporters’ passion into action. We have a long track record of building and engaging robust grassroots coalitions that will ensure the best outcomes for our clients.

With just over two months to go in the 2019 Legislative session, the KK & Co team is on hand for all the action. Time is running out and the pace is picking up, give us a call today to learn more about how we can help your organization succeed.