KK & Co. helps charter schools prepare for crisis situations

Last week, we were able to share our knowledge of crisis management during the annual Volunteers of America Charter School Conference. Schools in the community are taking a proactive approach to seeking information about school safety and how to properly communicate with students, parents, and the public and we were happy to help bring crisis communications help to the conference.

School operations are constantly evolving to ensure that our future generations are not only receiving the best education but are kept safe in the process. Law enforcement works with school administrators on protocols for different situations. In order to keep continuity, schools need to be consistent with communication as well. Utilizing social media (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram) to communicate is crucial. Social media is not only a great tool to increase engagement, but it can be such a necessary “real time” resource.

We also talked about how schools should develop relationships with local media. Whether its updating a newspaper or television station on something happening at the school or to make a correction, making sure the media knows who to communicate with at the school is important.

If you’re curious about what a best practice for crisis management plan looks like for your business, feel free to reach out to KK & Co.!