ICYMI: Washington Examiner: The new Republican group that just entered the battle for the House


Another Republican big-money group is entering the battle for control of the House, as AR2 moves to upend Democratic candidates by digging up damaging information and feeding it to local media.

The political nonprofit is affiliated with America Rising, an established super PAC that specializes in opposition research. “AR2,” federally prohibited from overt politicking, aims to use its research and communications expertise to put Democrats on the defensive on policy matters.

The group hopes to tip the scales toward the Republicans in crucial battleground districts, beginning with those in Minnesota, Florida, Nebraska, and states in the Northeast. AR2 is being advised by two veteran Republican campaign operatives, Andrea Bozek and Kirsten Kukowski.

AR2 will focus on drawing policy contrasts between Republican and Democratic candidates, as opposed to politically motivated opposition research such as embarrassing information related to personal or business dealings. But the group’s planned activities, including real-time rapid response communications, could be another headache for House Democrats.

In a twist, this effort will eschew the Washington press corps and direct its information and messaging to local political reporters as a means to put the squeeze on targeted Democrats. AR2’s outside advisers should be helpful on that front.

Bozek is formerly of the National Republican Congressional Committee, the House GOP campaign arm; Kuskowski previously worked for the Republican National Committee. In those positions, they dealt closely with local reporters and understand the landscape for local media.