Another Successful Event - this time at The Ordway!

This week KK & Co. co-founder Kristen Sheehan helped lead and organize an annual event for one of our clients. This was our first year organizing an event at The Ordway - and while we might be a tad partial, it was the best event yet! The topic of free speech is so necessary and important in this political climate.

Going into these events the stress level is high because the devil really is in the details - meaning, if you forget something it could mess the night up! From the organization (working alongside CAE's Pari Cariaga who is incredible), to the venue itself, the ticketing office, AV team and food/beverage (St. Paul Hotel – catering!), the event went off without a hitch, which means 770 people had a wonderful evening. There was not a bad seat in the concert hall and while we had nearly 800 people it felt intimate and like Professor Alan Dershowitz was speaking to each person. . 

The Ordway Theater and St. Paul Hotel are beyond incredible and two of the best business and event venues in town- we will surely be back.

“We may disagree fundamentally, but we agreed to talk.” - Alan Dershowitz 

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