KK & Co @ Target: How to be an engaged citizen

KK & Co had the opportunity to lead a discussion about advocacy, how to get engaged in public policy, and why it’s important to stay involved at all levels of government. Kristen, co-founder of KK & Co, led the discussion at Target Corporate HQ during a Target Citizens lunch for employees.

For some, the idea of getting involved in public policy at any level of government is intimidating. And the truth is while public policy discussions are often complicated, there’s also even more going on behind the scenes than many realize. That’s what KK & Co. does - we are the bridge for those people with a platform or issue who want to learn more and do something about it. Today, more than ever, there’s a desire to research, be more knowledgeable, and be active in the community. So how can someone get to be more engaged and influence decision makers?

The first step is to jump on the social media train. Coalitions, local politicians, and constituents are taking to social media to have their voices heard and solicit information. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram are just a few of the different outlets that are being used to stay informed and amplify your voice. As you get more savvy, social media can also help you target your message to those who either need to hear it the most or can help you with your cause.

Another way to engage is through personal outreach with people who can help make change. This can be through letters, phone calls, emails, or in person meetings., Whether its city, state or federal government that you need to reach, start by strategizing how to get in contact with your elected official. They represent you and want to hear from you. And even if they don’t, they should.

Lastly, earned media is a great way to influence public policy. This includes letters to the editor, newspaper editorial boards, reporter interviews, or press conferences. Not only will articles or media posts be noticed by elected officials and others who can help you but media provides an open commentary on issues for constituents that would otherwise not be heard. Remember, all of these issues impact individual people—and it is our job in the public affairs world to match those impacted to the issue.

To see change in a community, no matter how big or small, it’s our responsibility to actively participate. With the different levels of engagement options, there is no excuse to not be informed.

Thank you, Target, for allowing us to share our expertise and the importance of engagement and if you need advice or help, please contact us.


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