KK&Co Workin It on KMSP

Trying to get into a routine as a startup can be challenging in today’s fast pace work environment. It can be even more of a struggle to make time to exercise when your work life, social life, and family life takes you in all directions. After launching earlier this year, KK & Co has since expanded our client list and people working for us to the point where we needed more collaboration and office space. We’ve been exploring different offices spaces and found Work It in St. Paul, a co-working space that promotes health and wellness while offering a productive work space.

Work It Co-Working is a woman owned shared workspace that provides many of the standard office utilities and more. Anne Henderson, owner of Work It, was interested is giving working professionals different options in comparison to a coffee shop, cubicle or home office.  

Not only is the location attractive to people but everything Work It offers within it’s workspace is designed to keep your body and brain moving. Work It has a convertible work stations where you can walk, pedal, sit, or stand. It also has conference rooms, fitness equipment, showers, secure bike rack, a full kitchen and printing services.

Just this week we were interviewed by M.A. Rosko on Fox 9: https://youtu.be/4YKxxIpU8EY

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