How can digital ads work for you?

This past week, KK & Co. ran an online ad campaign for one of our clients to educate targeted constituents on a policy issue. The client wanted visibility for their organization before a policy decision that was happening quickly. In order to get the most return on investment, we decided to run an online ad campaign. Our target consumers were all online, so the ads were seen on sites like the Star Tribune, ESPN, NY Times, etc. The aim was to target high propensity voters in a certain geographical area where the policy change was occurring because they would be the most likely to pay attention and engage.

Although we are stating the obvious, you'd be surprised how many people forget this step - it’s important to first  understand the objective of your digital marketing plan and your audience. Digital marketing can be used for many reasons - to promote different products, brands, or ideas via electronic media, including: the Internet, social media, mobile phones, or electronic billboards. Digital ads all aim to catch the eye of the site visitor in hopes of securing their attention. The design is so important—a split second look at the ad with your target consumer will determine whether they click or keep moving. Digital ads also allow you to target down to your specific audience and augments your other activity.

When running ads to advocate for a cause or company, it is important to look at different metrics so you and your client know what kind of return on investment you are getting. Impressions refer to the amount of times an ad has been viewed; CTR (click-through rate) refers to the ratio of users who click on the ad to the number of total users who view the page; and CPC (cost per click) measures how much an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked. It is also critical to cast a wide net when running an digital ad campaign, continuously making sure that you are targeting the right audience with the right images in place.

Often times viewing the ads is only half the battle. After targeting your correct audience, you want to convert those views to action. Many times this could mean driving them to a landing page, and from there you will be able to collect further data on your viewers.

Just like any project, you have to ask questions, compare results, review reports and make sure you are maximizing your investment.  

With some of the projects we work on for clients, we have seen a return of .07% CTR—this latest campaign we were over .10%. In this case, it was a pretty controversial issue that voters (our targets) were engaged on with the help of earned media, our digital marketing efforts and the efforts of others doing advocacy. 

In just four short days, our digital ad campaign reached nearly half a million people and converted nearly 500 people to action. For our goals, this campaign was an effective, inexpensive way to reach our audience. Because digital marketing can be targeted, there are often solutions for any goal, you just need the tools to do it.  If you are in the market, call KK & Co., we can help you with that!