KK & Co Manages a Booth at the 50s Classic Car Show

This past weekend, KK & Co helped manage and set up a booth for one of our clients at the State Fair Grounds during the Back to the 50’s car show. Throughout the course of the five days, we came in contact with thousands of people—who knew that 50,000 people a day would show up at the show!

There are many ways in which we reach other people today, be it any type of social media, technology, or mail. Well, spending a couple of days in a concentrated area, where you can engage constituents is an incredible way to reach more people too.

In doing so, it is important that when recruiting volunteers (or staff), you are recruiting the right people—these people must be highly energetic, quick on their feet, and personable. These in person opportunities provide such a great platform for you to connect on an individual level – in person is still so effective.  All of this is something that we as a firm can help you with! We know what it takes to get the job done, whether it’s discussing the difficult topics with possible clients or being those personable, charismatic people you need reaching out to others.

When it comes to communication and getting your voice and messages heard, we have the tools you need. And if that includes taking advantage of Sweet Martha’s Cookies at the State Fair Grounds, we can do that, too!  Aside from representing our client, it was an incredible event to see and we highly recommend you attend this event next year.