KK & Co Internship

We’ve been wildly successful since starting our firm a couple of months ago, and need help with client services as we continue to grow. We’d like to bring on a part-time paid intern this Spring and Summer. We’ve outlined some duties below but the overall goal would be to find someone to serve as a utility player who wants to learn the ins and outs of starting a business and get insight into public relations, public affairs and fundraising.

  • Client and development research – we have various clients and potential clients and need help gathering information for proposals and generally to get up to speed.
  • Pitch calls – we are doing PR work for a couple of clients and need help calling media to pitch stories.
  • Weekly reports – we need help developing informative weekly reports that give our clients metrics and progress updates.
  • Writing – we spend a lot of time writing proposals and have writing duties with certain clients including press releases, pitch documents, op-eds and letters to the editor.
  • Website maintenance – we need someone to help optimize our website.

The work would be done remotely. We have solid networks and would be happy to help with career development for anyone who does a good job. Please email Kirsten at kk@k2andcompany.com for more information!

About us:

KK & Co is a 100 percent woman-owned and operated firm specializing in public relations, strategic communications, public affairs, fundraising and development. We are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and have spent our careers throughout the Midwest and Washington, DC. From brand management to grassroots advocacy, we bring decades of experience to the table and have extensive experience navigating the corporate, non-profit, media and political worlds.

We have built organizations on bi-partisan energy related issues in multiple states, coordinated the grassroots advocacy for legislative issues, and we’ve run media campaigns in all corners of the state. We were trained in fast paced environments and bring that 24/7, high intensity work ethic to serve our clients.