KK & Co: Putting Experience to the Test for CAE

Earlier this week the Center of the American Experiment hosted their 2017 Fall Briefing at the Guthrie in downtown Minneapolis that featured author and columnist Mark Steyn. KK & Co. coordinated the logistics and fundraising for this event that turned out over 1,000 people on a rainy Monday evening!

There is a lot of time and energy that goes into planning a successful event. KK & Co.’s team has years of experience and over the years have put together an organized method in order to accomplish the task at hand.

For background purposes, Center of the American Experiment is Minnesota’s leading public policy organization. The Center is an organization driven by topics that are important to Minnesotans such as the economy, health care, taxes, transportation, employee freedom and state and local governance. In keeping the interests and policies that Minnesotans care most about in mind, the Center has remained the most impactful and effective public policy organization in Minnesota.

Using their knowledge of event planning and day-of coordinating, KK & Co. was able to successfully transition from each segment of the evening-- handling the flow of registration, organizing the logistics of the event space, to managing 1000+ participants as well as a featured speaker, KK & Co made sure it was covered.

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