From St. Paul to Washington, all healthcare, all the time

Yesterday Minnesota governor Mark Dayton's earlier comment that the affordable care act is no longer affordable was once again national news with president-elect Trump's Twitter account bringing it back to the forefront as ammunition to push healthcare reforms. While legislators in St. Paul and Washington D.C. are sworn in and new sessions begin, it will be all healthcare, all the time.

Republicans, who control both houses in St. Paul and Washington, have different plans. In Washington, they introduced a budget giving them until the end of January to repeal large portions of Obamacare and provide a replacement. There's disagreement on the replacement but they plan to act quickly on the penalties, employer requirements and tax increases within the law. In St. Paul a lot depends on what Washington does, but in the meantime they are focused on helping the 100 thousand Minnesotans with severe premium issues and are mulling plans to help contain costs incurred by the sickest in the marketplace. A reinsurance program is being discussed.

Meanwhile, Democrats in Washington are looking for their footing on this issue. Here's an interesting read on their current plan. Notice Minnesota political targets are missing:

President Obama and VP-elect Pence will both be on Capitol Hill today on the issue. Update forthcoming...